Aaron Ramsey (8)


No point in keeping him, with just 6 months left on his contract.


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While he is with us, he can still help us win games.

Until he is sold, we should use him


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Buying clubs will have us over a barrel in January. But it’s nothing at all like the Ozil situation where the thought of him in a United / Chelsea / [insert rival here] shirt made me want to vomit my guts out.

Even if it’s a paltry sum of £10m, we should just take it and get rid of him. The whole squad is still getting to grips with the new coaching / system etc. and it’s simply not worth investing valuable minutes into a player that isn’t going to be around for much longer.

Will also stop Emery from shoe-horning him into the team at the expense of our overall balance.


Gotta love his mouthy agency :eyes:

The ruthlessness!! :heart_eyes:


That tweet says to me he wanted to stay and be paid way more than he is worth and the club weren’t interested in bending over for him.

A decision I’m very happy with. Our wage bill needs to come down and giving this joker an extra £150k a week is essentially limiting the scale of our investment next summer.


Well there is an option to not overvalue yourself and take the best deal on the table.
No way any club is gonna give him 200-250k


Sorry I just don’t see Ramsey been a big loss to us on the field. Sure it sucks that we didn’t sell him in the summer and got a decent fee for him. But no way is he worth those wages he’s asking for. If he kept up the form he had in 2013-14 season when he was fantastic and scoring loads of goals then yes he would be. But let’s be honest, would he have stayed with us if he was performing like that for every season since. He would have jumped ship ages ago to a Real or Barca or a big European team.

He’s alway’s be a player that’s been hit and miss for me, he do something amazing in one game and then fan’s would jerk off to it and he do nothing else for months. It sounds like Emery and co don’t rate him as much as some fan’s. He seems like a nice guy, has given 10 years to the club, and scored two goals in two FA Cup Finals. He want get booed by me or hated on. I’m sure he get a few top clubs going for him in the PL cause he be cheap but I doubt he break into any of their first 11’s imo.


His agency has basically confirmed he’s leaving.


Hasnt worked out the way it should have for him here… I do think he will get a top club here and will show more than he has at Arsenal.
Think its the right time for both parties too move on though. Just hope he doesnt go to Liverpool because I think hed thrive there and score a lot of goals in that system.


Do you think he get into their team Stroller? I doubt it seen as Keita and Fabinho can’t get sniff in right now, with OX about to come back soon too. I wouldn’t be surprised if a big PL come in for him, just cause they can get him on the cheap but those Wages I doubt Liverpool will touch him.


I think he is already at the biggest club he will ever be at…He is nowhere near as good as he thinks he is, in fact, only place I can see him going in the PL is Spurs, or a mid table club, ie Everton, Watford etc…

Sooner he’s gone, the better…


Nah a top club will take him especially on a free, Ramsey can be very good in the right system.

Let’s not act likes he’s a jobber.


I cannot think of one of the top clubs who needs him…Apart from Spurs.
He wouldn’t get anywhere near Pools or Citys midfield, Utd already have slow midfielders, only leaves Spurs…or below.


It’s not always about need though is it? United have Pogba who is vastly overrated perhaps out the door, Matic, Mctominay, Herrera (seemingly about to leave on a free) and the likes of Fellaini. They couldn’t use him for example?

Chelsea have loaned Kovacic with no buy clause and clearly aren’t too invested in Barkley, RLC and the like.


If all of those leave, then maybe, but I think Utd need bigger and better than Ramsey……
Chelsea will still have Kante and Jorghino……


Chelsea play a three in midfield and Kovacic is likely only there a year.

Barkey, RLC and Drinkwater aren’t making that third spot their own.

Ramsey could be very useful at a top club that’s for sure.