Aaron Ramsey (8)


But he never did that again did he? Total one off.

Fluke :stuck_out_tongue:


Was it a fluke? Wasn’t it a fluke? What is a fluke? This is just arguing semantics, and it’s pointless. Ramsey scored some nice goals, we all know how many (or we can check his stats). End of story.


I am bitching now because you said I lied :ramsey:

From the bottom of my heart, I truly believe it was a fluke. Good goal and fluke goal.

I never watched that Kanu’s goal, but the one I am showing here was also a fluke… Littbarski’s corner was a good goal and a fluke goal.
(In fact, I watched at least a couple of more times he scored directly from corner kick for Koln, but still, I think it was a fluke)


I just wish Ramsey stayed fit for the whole 13/14 season, the bloke would have scored 25+ non penalty goals in all comps, it was some sort of sight watching him that season.


exchange him for Dahoud



Bye then


The thought of him leaving for nothing, getting a massive signing on fee and then going to a better club makes me cringe.
I’m starting to dislike what he is doing and I hope he goes abroad.


Go abroad ffs


Remember when he said he wanted to experience football abroad :arteta:


I’m disappointed that he’s going to end up leaving but if he’s in a position to move to a club that is clearly better put at the moment to win silverware whilst also earning a wage better than what we’re prepared to pay who can really blame him.

At the end of the day these lot are doing a job for money just like the rest of us and the opportunity to earn money to set them up for the rest of their lives is short, whilst also bearing in mind that whatever quoted wage these player are after will be open to nearly half the wage in taxes. I’d be gone to the highest bidder where my lifestyle and playing philosophy fits in the best.

We can sit here and call them snakes and whatever but we’d all do the same, also maybe Ramsey doesn’t like Emery or Emery’s vision for Arsenal who knows.


Pretty sure no one is calling him a snake or will care if he leaves haha.


I wanna know where he thinks he will fit in at liverpool haha. They are loaded in midfield and have far better midfielders than him, hope he likes a challenge…i cant see him thriving there tbh so more fool him. I seriously doubt that he will get the wages he wants unless he goes for a very small price or for free where they may look into it, but him on 250-300k a week is a fucking joke.


Players/midfielders who can run a lot and work hard fit well in how Klopp let his teams play football. Ramsey can run a lot and work hard. Working under Klopp is probably the best step for him.


I could not give any less of a shit if he leaves. He’s been here for ten years, missed way too many games due to injury, showed a lot of character to fight back from having his leg broken, scored two really important goals to win two FA Cups and that’s pretty much it.

You can’t build a team around him because he doesn’t stay healthy, plus he doesn’t really fit with Ozil and whether we like it or not the team has made a bigger commitment to Ozil at this point.

I say we give him a firm handshake and try to flip him to a continental European club in January and if not, he’ll probably show up at Liverpool. Whatever.


You wouldn’t expect Liverpool to be the highest bidder wages wise but he’s a Klopp player if ever there was one.


Should be used in Carling cup and Uefa Cup only. Iwobi and Henrikh should take his place in the Prem team.


Don’t worry, we are gonna sell him for sure in january.


I hope so, it doesn’t really benefit anyone to keep him around, except his agent.


inshallah hope u are right brother