Aaron Ramsdale

I don’t know why I found this so funny.
Imagine the conversation between us and Sheffield United.

Arsenal: We’re interested in Ramsdale.

Sheffield United: How much are you going to offer?

Arsenal: 10m.

Sheffield United: He can kick a ball really far.

Arsenal: Ok, 30m.

Sheffield United: Give us 32m and he’s yours.

Arsenal: Done.

Sheffield United: (laughing) You have been.


Had the 10th highest save percentage in the PL.
Above Leno and other notable goalies.


Most sense Jamie O’Hara has ever spoke


Was Martinez home grown? Think he came at 19 so might have just missed it?

Not so impressive when you consider Leno had 58% less saves in comparison and has a save percentage of 69.2% whereas Ramsdale has 70.7%

Emi joined in 2010 as a 17 year old.


We were mugged :santi:


Horribly mugged

Ornstein said things have gone quite on Ramsdale. Arsenal aren’t planning to go as high as 30m for him.

Excluding Onana(something’s up with his case), who would you like the club to sign?
You can go for a stopgap signing if you want but you may go for a younger option to take over Leno in the future.

I’d rather not sign a keeper, leave leno in goal and actually address our CM and attacking issues.


That’s a big risk though? If Bernd gets injured we’re left with Runar and Arthur.

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Danny Ward at Leicester would do for now. 28 not a bad age.
Be quite confident if he had to step in at anytime.


Second choice keeper should be a relatively easy position to fill. Pillage a broke French club for their number one with a year left and there’s always a few competent ones leaving on a free every year.


Im completely fine with filling it with someone like matt ryan who was free.


I agree.
We only need cover for Leno for this season.
If Ramsdale for more than 30m is all we’re looking at, I’d wait until next season to see who else is available.
I still don’t understand why we’re not going after Ryan, considering all the other players from Brighton we’ve been linked with.

Sam Johnstone!

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Getting Ramsdale for 0.6 Ramsdales makes way more sense than 1 Ramsdale. Not that I want him here period.

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Looks like the club’s interest in him is for real then. Question is what the plan for him would be, and when is Leno leaving.