Aaron Ramsdale (32)

Can you not just play it in the background haha?

That’s what I done

It’s an idea, but it’s an idea that I won’t take up lol. I prefer to hear my Ramsdales in 1-2 minute soundbites. :).

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Gave me multiple mini heart attacks today. Appreciate the shithousery though. :rofl:

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Anyone caught that moment when Lacazette had enough and threw all the French he could at Ramsdale for his kicks. I’ve never seen Laca this angry ever. :rofl:


Give me context - was he kicking the balls out?

Mostly, yeah.

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From a Covid point of view as much as anything else, makes sense

that really annoys me, the arrogance of people like this just wandering onto the pitch ‘aye mate gimme your shirt please…handshake to also mate whilst your at it’