Aaron Ramsdale (32)

What a scoop.


Can see this on a front page of some newspapers tbh.

Is this a new craze? Genuinely never even heard of it. That probably says more about how uncool I am though.

Seems to be a new twitter thing that happens every Monday night.

It seemed to have went mainstream last night haha with all the blue ticks finding out and listening

Think its twitter’s version of Karaoke in a pub :joy:

Weird how this keeps happening lol

Obviously this is something that just doesn’t matter. But I still hate it.

Ramsdale could come out wearing the Gunnersaurus costume and I wouldn’t give a ffuuuuccc

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I like it as a goalkeeper kit tbh.


Shay Given!


Took longer than I thought before Chelsea fans start obsessing over our players. First Martinelli now Ramsdale

I told you all that this lad is the real deal and again today he produced another fabulous save.
He has the rawness, the brashness and the self belief to become a legend.
Love this kid , yes , he’ll have a bad game or two but it’s now Aaron deals with this .
Fabulous signing.


Always rated him, me

Nah, it was me. :hipster: