Aaron Ramsdale (32)

Pffff. If it improves the way we play then fine, but it still seems a bit mad to me for your gameplan to be based on your keeper playing accurate long balls to the extent that you have to go out and spend 30m on one who is specifically good at this one thing.

But as I say, if it works it works. So if spending 80m on a goalie and centre back principally cos they’re good at long passing improves us, then that’s fine. As long as they’re also good at the traditional aspects of their position then it’s all good.


Leno struggled at both so Ramsdale is better already

Fucking hell, any mention of goalkeepers is like the Calum bat signal, summoning you to the scene to trash talk Leno.

I thought you loved Martinez but it’s now clear to me that all along you’ve actually just been hating on Leno more than anything else :grin:


I was so pleased when we first got Leno because he was a mile better than Cech who was completely hopeless on the ball and who’s shot stopping and cross grabbing abilities had long since faded.

Martinez was a real eye opener on Lenos limits and now Ramsdale is looking like he could easily be the number 1 keeper for us in the years to come. But early days so we’ll see.

If this turns out like this expect Leno to go for 10m in the Summer.

I didn’t mind Leno until we unjustly sold Big Emi for him after he deservedly should have kept his number 1 slot.

The agenda was born that day.

When he leaves I’ll end the agenda as it means both have left and we can all move on :grin:


Quietly pleased with Ramsdale so far. He’s always been an excellent shot stopper, but didn’t realise he had the modern GK’s all round game.

Bright start and hope it continues. He should definitely keep his place.


It’s only been 2 games

We’re only saying he’s the next Gigi mate, calm down.


That should have been the conclusion after 1 game, what’s the latest verdict?

Ramsdale > Leno > Martinez > Brazilian boarder patrol and customs


Southgate has gotta grow some balls and drop Pickford and pick Ramsdale for the next lot of internationals

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why would he be that stupid?

Ramooooooo :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I’ve been quite critical of his price tag, but he was likely MOTM today. Great performance that was needed to make up for White being poor.

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This match highlighted his superiority in the air compared with Leno, he was in full control of his box and against a side like Burnley that can be an issue sometimes. Really encouraging start for Ramsdale


So happy that he’s started so strongly. It helps so much because you felt like people were eager for him to fail


He’s a keeper.

Three games, three clean sheets. The distribution from his hands where he puts a low trajectory on the ball is something Leno isn’t capable of. Well played.


People were incredibly over reactive to this deal like we are with everything lol. Great aquisition and we don’t have to spend all next summer chasing our tails looking to replace Leno.

We can actually focus on a striker or wide attacker to tidy up our dysfunctional front 3.


Better than expected so far, hope he can keep it up. Was trash for Sheffield Utd and can’t believe we went in with 30m for him but be nice if he proves out worth it.

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Hope he continues to make me look like a dumb cunt