Aaron Ramsdale (32)

There are plenty of GK’s out there and for 30m I’d be looking for someone a bit better than him.

FIFY. Gotta keep the currency straight.

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They’re taking the piss out of us

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Fucking hell


None of the reasons for pursuing Ramsdale make any sense unless Leno is really close to an exit this summer and nothing has been reported about that. We don’t need more HG players. And if Leno is going to leave next summer or on a free the year afterward then deal with finding a new keeper then.

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Is Ramsdale really that shit?

You can tell that from his surname alone

  1. Aaron Ramsdale



Ideally, we would loan him for a season with an option to buy. We could then evaluate him like we did with Odegaard and decide if he is good enough to be our main goalie.

I can tell you right now he’s not good enough.

United were atrocious last year and we’re now apparently going to pay 1.15 Ramsdales for this guy? Shameful.

Sheffield’s weakness last season wasn’t Ramsdale. He had bad period earlier in the season but I’ve seen games where he kept them in the game. I remember a game against Liverpool where he was very impressive despite them losing.

Sheffield’s lack of offensive threat was what got them relegated. Their defence was actually solid. Most of their losses were by 1 goal, sometimes 2.

Ramsdale was actually their player of the season. But that was probably because he was always the busiest player on the pitch rather than the best player.

He probably isn’t as bad as we’re all making out, but he’s still no where close to being good enough for the level we’re trying to reach.


Always a concern for me. Is he actually good at shot stopping or he is just facing 12-20 shots a game?

We aren’t in Emery territory conceding 30 shots/90min anymore.

I’m still so confused as to how the club looked at all the positions we need to fill and decided we had to go homegrown for keeper. It’s very strange. He’s just not very good.


Gunnerblog defending Ramsdale.

The more I see people hating on him the more I’m warming up to the move. :man_shrugging:

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Gunnerblog just carries water for the club at this point.

That tweet is also ridiculous. If the fee isn’t what’s been discussed in the press, idk, maybe be a reporter and tell us what the actual fee being discussed is?


He’s not that bad but the price makes it a ridiculous transfer.
Being good shot stopper for Sheffield United, who were the worst and least attacking team in the PL, is a lot different to the pressure of playing for a massive club like us.

If he was 10m and used as cover for Leno, with the potential to become a first team regular, that’s fine. But to replace Leno and have Ramsdale walk into our starting line up, knowing that any injury to him means we have Runnarsen waiting to leap from the bench, is not an ideal situation.

No other club would consider him for that sort of money, so why should we?

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Is Ramsdale better than Leno? No. He’s being bought to ‘provide competition’ that will likely see him play 6 cup games and around 3/4 league games when Leno serves a suspension. Sheff United will want to break even at the very least so the price is £20m minimum…for a backup keeper, an average one at that. The only ‘outstanding’ attribute other than being HG is the fact he can kick a ball really far.

Mike Maignan who played for Ligue Un champions Lille went for 15m euros. Onana who has actual Champions League experience is available for less than 10m euros. We let Emi Martinez go for around £15-£20m. The fee being touted around for Ramsdale is now £32m. It’s objectively a bad deal whichever way you cut it.


That’s the problem though, he wasn’t even a good shot stopper for Sheffield United


Arteta/Edu have lost all credibility on GKs.

Their talent evaluation and strategic planning has been exposed