Aaron Ramsdale (1)

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As soon as I saw him coming out I knew they were gonna score or get a penalty.
What the fuck is this.


Please explain your issue here?

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In real time it looked a little flappy. I’m sure he thought he had it covered.

His exit wasn’t good. Timing was off and I’m not sure what he’s doing with his hands there. Is that a basketball dunk?
Is he trying to catch it? He was too far away for that. Is he trying to block a cross? Then just raise your hands.
Pretty positive he touched the ball, had he raised his hands I think he may have actually blocked it.

Made some great saves recently and was very good in the first half but sometimes he really overcomplicates stuff.

Yea sorry but you’re taking one frame from a 15 second sequence and attaching a lot of meaning to it. Do you think he is at fault for the goal here? If so is it entirely or a small amount?

He’s doing goalkeeper 101 here, trying to make himself big when there really isn’t many other options available to him.

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I don’t think he did though. He went for some weird dive to slap the ball away.

If he goes starfish it’s an easy pass through the legs there though

Legs were fine, it’s the hands for me. Genuinely not sure what he was going for.

This gif is terrible but he’s a tiny amount of time to react here…he’s stretching, once he’s made the decision to come wtf else.is he supposed to do?

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Goddamn it looks worse the more I watch it back.

Do you have the replay by any chance?

I think he made the right call as he can see no defender getting to norgaard.

If he blocks it we all say woohoo great keeping well done. Was a good pullback from the offside cunt.

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My issue was not his technique, it was him coming out in the first place. I don’t see any way he’s scoring from that position/angle, and if that’s the case I think you have to stay back as a GK unless you’re sure you’re getting there first.

I think someone needs to give him a kick up the arse, with the defence unsure in front of him he seems to be fucking about almost inviting pressure. I don’t feel that confident in him at the moment the way he passes the ball about.

Seems very keen to come rushing out of his goal of a sudden too

Goals have gone in where he has come for the ball from crosses or balls through and doesnt make it.

He gets a pass for last night as he had no real choice but to close the space after that hospital ball from Tomi. He made two very good saves.


Noticeable Ederson went long a few times last night in the first half.
Still a place for this in the game, especially when your not passing well at the back.
Just mix it up now and then. Can pick a pass Ramsdale.


I thought it was their only out ball which spoke to how well Jorginho helped control the midfield. I don’t even think Haaland got the better of the CBs until after the offsides goal.