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Wasn’t there a tradition at Arsenal where every player would either wear long sleeve or short sleeves decided by the captain. I think I remember my dad telling me that once but I can’t vouch for the authenticity of the claim. Older fans like you or Strolls might know what he was rambling about. Dunno if it ever applied to keepers though.


Yeah that was a thing. Not sure when it changed completely.
Was a time well in the 80s at least when keeper’s weren’t allowed to wear short sleeves.
Fifa ruling that. Supposed to make it easier for refs and linesman on crosses in the box on handball and stuff.

Shall we move on to Numbers 1 to 11 on shirts now.
No shirt sponsoring and refs in all black and ten minute halftime breaks. :innocent:


I’m listening?

How did you feel when we gave Gallas #10? @Stroller

When you grew up with 1 to 11 shirts the numbers hold no significance really.

Basically this @Castiel. Seen Adams in a 4,5,6. Just a number for me.


So how did you kids do the GOAT stuff? Sounds like you would need an algorithm for GOAT#9 at any given time.

Can you imagine making a sign asking for Adams 4 shirt and getting a 6 lol. Starting to sound like a hand of blackjack

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Nah. It was get in line for an autograph on the back of your programme.
Remember getting Frank Stapleton signature and him giving me school pen to some random kid.

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But if we did that we don’t get Henry wearing 14 or some random kid wearing 72 coming into the match in garbage time.

No, because a sub coming on for, say, a centre-half would be wearing a no. 5, same as the centre-half coming off. Numbers were allocated to positions, not squad members.

If I remember correctly the keeper was always able to make their own decision. I’ve no memory at all of Seaman in short sleeves.

You’re definitely still a little bit too young for the generation I’m talking about old boy

Less 40’s more 60

Harsh on @Stroller

But anyway I’m old enough for this.

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When the manager changes formation do they all have to swap shirts? :laughing:

Formations weren’t such a thing then. You played your position.

Went from Sugar against Spurs to **** yesterday but he’s a young keeper who has far more good games than bad.

Yeah I remember that from this story: Arsène Wenger gives Mathieu Flamini a dressing down over torn shirt | Arsenal | The Guardian

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Steve Bould was number 10 in the Anfield 89 game

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You might know this @Stroller ,didn’t the 1978 Argentina World cup squad have their shirt numbers allocated alphabetically?
For example Ossie Ardiles wearing number 2?

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Already beat you to it :crazy_face:

You sure about that mate?!

I posted that on the 19th Jan, you pisted it again the following day but in a different thread :grin: