Aaron Ramsdale (1)

I meant specifically some fans. You did miss the point there :joy:

Raya has definitely had some shaky moments. But its still plausibly rational to stick with him. Arteta has seen Ramsdale day in, day out for 2+ years. He has a good sense of his strengths, weaknesses, and possible level and clearly he has decided that its just not good enough. Raya may have been shaky in some of his first few appearances but if you think his potential level is significantly higher, then you stick with him because then the ceiling of the entire team is higher.

I think Arteta said the politic thing when bringing in Raya, which is that there is competition for every position. But it was ultimately a lie. He’s not going to say “Look, we all love Aaron but he gets flustered too often with the ball at his feet against the high press and also has conceded a bunch of soft goals due to poor positioning and lack of concentration and I’m fed up with it at this point so I got somebody I hope to God is better.” Telling the truth would do nothing for either Ramsdale or for his eventual sale value so it was better to lie. But that doesn’t mean it was a real competition for places that was being set up.

This is the thing I find funny about people referencing the quote Arteta initially made that he was going to rotate them consistently. It should be obvious to everyone that it was complete bullshit the moment he said it, but he obviously can’t say in the press conference that he just wants a better keeper.

As far as I’m concerned his father should shut the hell up as well, how embarrassing is that? Bernd Leno was dropped very fast once Arteta thought he had a better keeper, and now it’s just happening to Ramsdale. That’s life, deal with it.

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Another day another Ramsdale podcast released i guess ? #RamsdaleOUTRayaIN

Wait, has a new one dropped? :rofl:

More podcasts than clean sheets mate

Wait, that’s actually true…


This just means I haven’t been doing my job shit posting about him. Haven’t been impressed at all.

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I think you’ve been doing a good job :+1::slightly_smiling_face: Meant that all who are hyped about Raya will eventually turn on him too. It’s a Arsenal fan tradition :sweat_smile: Personally I’m on the fence here, in the end I just want a keeper that performs. Be it Raya, Rams or someone completely different.

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:smiling_face: Oh thanks! It’s always nice to have your work appreciated.

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Probably starts in the next game due to the loan agreement terms with Brentford for Raya, I’m guessing…

You’d think so, I’d be stunned if he opts for Hein.

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Yes, @Flexo pointed that out as well.

It’s up to then to allow Raya to play. They didn’t when we played them in the League Cup.

Its actually against the PL rules to play against your parent club.

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I see, so it was a specific League cup rule then.

As i understand it the League Cup has no rule against it and its just up to the clubs to agree to allow it, or not.

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I think Ramsdale and Raya are 8/10 keepers, good sweeper keepers, Ramsdale is more imposing in the box and Raya has better ball control. Maybe we forget both and buy a 10/10 keeper?

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What does this even mean? I’ve seen Ramsdale look fairly unimposing under corners numerous times last season. Against Villa and United just to name two

Imagine if a player had scored directly from a corner on Raya…

I mean Ramsdale has a bigger, more vocal presence than Raya from what I’ve seen so far. I was trying to find differentials rather than espousing some form of genius in either example.

I did say that we need a world class keeper and an adequate back-up, not two mostly good-but-fallible keepers like we have now.


I agree, and maybe Mikel likes Raya more but I would be surprised if Mikel settles with Raya as his #1 cause he hasn’t really shown he’s that much better than Ramsdale. If Raya continues to perform like he has so far, Mikel might choose to buy him in the summer, but still continue to search for a #1, and when we find one, Raya becomes the stand by and Ramsdale is sold.

Of course, if Raya messes up things and Ramsdale comes in and shows he’s improved in areas that Mikel wanted him to, then things might go a completely different way.