Aaron Ramsdale (1)

Can you blame media when our own fans can’t wait either.


We’ve only given up five goals all season right? Which ones were low xG shots (are we saying anything below 80 is low? 60?) that he failed to save?

I’m not saying he’s perfect but I just don’t know if he’s made huge mistakes like that this season. Maybe Arteta still holds a grudge for Southampton and thinks he can’t hack it when the pressure is on.

Yups, I think with Arteta he’s looking at the last 2.5 years as a whole.

The sample size is tiny here but Ramsdale has faced shots totally 2.2 “post-shot XG” (this accounts for what part of the goal the ball is shot toward, how hard it is hit, and whether its blocked, unlike regular XG) and conceded 4 goals.

The shots most contributing to this were the first Fulham goal when he was caught out of position and recovered poorly and likely the Rashford goal where he arguably got his positioning wrong and should have had better coverage of the far post (especially since two defenders were blocking the near post).

Its harsh to judge anybody on such a small sample but Ramsdale was poor on this metric last year too.


In addition to the above, Brentford only conceded 3 more goals than we did in what could be considered our best campaign in 15 years.

It’s deffo not all his fault for those goals conceded, our defence was collectively weak at home for some reason I can’t explain, but it’s still way too many goals conceded for a #1 to play at the highest level.

I know many won’t like to hear it, but I think Arteta isn’t bringing Raya just to “challenge” Ramsdale, I think he’s being replaced.

If this is what the next evolution of our squad and process is, then so be it.


No reason to not trust Arteta’s own words - he wants two top goalkeepers that he will play depending on opposition and will not be afraid to substitute a keeper in game if he now feels that is the thing to do.

Just because other teams do not do this, does not make it wrong - people talk about confidence of the keeper, etc. but since it hasn’t been done before we do not know that it cannot work (time will be the judge)

Ramsdale for conceding goals he maybe should have/could have saved, made more top top saves to win us points/games last season. Those should not be forgotten so quickly by fickle fans now happy to bin him off

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Tbf it has been done, but in penalty shoot outs etc. I think altering (if we believe Artetas words) could work, on the condition that the two individuals are invested in the idea. It works in other sports, ice hockey, handball for example.

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Think him and Raya start acc to form and fixtures. No big deal. The reason why Raya was signed imo. Two very similar but slightly different keepers. Serves us good.

Absolutely, when the Edmonton Oilers were winning successive Stanley Cups in the 80’s goalie rotation was a standard thing. I don’t see anything bad in it.

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They did rotate but sure it was Grant Fuhr the #1 and Andy Moog was #2.

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These are obviously AI generated names right?

Um, no. Grant Fuhr #31, Andy Moog #35


Nice knowing ya pal, thanks for the save against Leicester

Maybe we can recoup a bit of money next summer


Being a bit ruthless with goalkeepers.

Kind of nice to see.

We’ve been let down by inconsistent GK play over the decades, since Lehmann went ( maybe seaman even you could say).

Hope Ramsdale can rise to the competition.

Like ter stegen did Vs bravo.

Nice guy. But there were some iffy moments towards the end of last season

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Just when you think he’s out, he’ll get picked for the NLD :stuck_out_tongue:

Reckon Everton will buy him for 45m next summer as Pickford replacement.

R.I.P brother. One of my favourite players of the new era but hard not to love the ruthlessness of Arteta and co.


He should be very worried

Don’t buy this rotation BS at all, Raya is the man they wanted when Martinez left and no doubt Cana was bigging him up and advocating we sign him. The numbers back up him being a better fit for us also.

Think this ends up one way and its with Ramsdale leaving


Fucking hell, he doesn’t deserve that :joy:

This is a fair comment tbh, I kinda feel bad for Ramsdale on the bench for a special night losing his no1 spot in real time