25 years of the Premier League


Yeah I really hate Giggs. Definitely falls into the “legend because everyone says he’s a legend” category, and most likely only reached that status because he played until he was 38 and from the age of 34-38 you just had commentators fapping at what a model professional he was and the elder-statesman like calm he brought to midfield and how many trophies he’s won like he’d done it on his own.

I don’t recall anyone raving about him when he was a winger and nobody really thought he was one of the greatest midfielders either when he moved there. I guess he is a “PL Great” but there’s no way there’s any room for him in any ultimate XI.


Presented to you thanks to the man himself Arsene


Even that goal Giggs scored against us in the FA Cup is over-rated! He is only seen as a legend because of the length of time he played in the PL for the same club.

It’s about quality not quantity guys!


Precisely. Giggs is one of those players who’s become a legend through sheer volume of matches played and longevity.

In terms of actual quality he ranks behind the likes of Pires, Hazard, Bale, Ronaldo, Robben, Overmars and a few others.


You cant be the most decorated player in english football and be overrated. Doesnt make him the best but done enough to be in the argument.


I suppose Arsene Wenger is the manager version of Ryan Giggs to a degree.


With the chat about Giggs being over rated, I came across this today. The top 25 Premier League players according to The Telegraph.

Giggs is number 1 :rofl:


Shearer and Gerrard 4th and 11th. Bias.


Scholes and Giggs above Ronaldo.
This is the sort of list a schoolboy who supports Man U would make.


Yaya fucking Toure? FFS!


Henry has clearly been the best performer in the premier league, pretty funny they put Giggs at 1.


Theirry Henry is the best player the league has ever seen. Fuck Giggs.


Roy Keane in third aswell :thinking:


They put Kompany in but not Campbell or Vidic, and Yaya Toure has only had about one very good season while Kolo Toure had several.
They could have had Makelele as well, he was a great player.


It’s not about how good you are, it’s how good you are mixed with how much of a legend you are in England and how many years you spent at the top. Then to look like you know what you’re talking about you need to throw in defenders like Gary Neville.

Not worth getting pissed off at nonsense.

As a relative youngster the only question I have is was Cantona really that good? Always makes top 5-10 of this kind of shit.


He was a very good player but was a bit volatile to say the least.
But he had skill and power as well as a will to win which suited Ferguson’s style of play.

He also arguably saved Ferguson’s job, because he was instrumental in winning them the title.
He was an extremely influential player in that team but amazingly wasn’t picked for France, possibly more to do with his attitude than his ability.


Winning the league was the holy grail for united and Fergie and hung over the club for years. Alot of players went into themselves going their. Cantona embraced it and was made for them.
He was a clever footballer with a ton of presence. Hes not the best but id have him as the most influential player of the premiership era myself.


A Manchester United fan I talk with about Cantona always says Cantona wasn’t exactly a Rooney or Ronaldo quality-wise for them. But the influence he had as a leader makes him great.


The fact that he didn’t win his Champions League with us will always be the most regretful Arsenal moment in the modern era. I feel like the status of that team and himself as a player would have meant more. Not that it doesn’t now, but it’s a little stain imo.