21/22 Premier League fixtures

The countdown to the new Premier League season starts this Wednesday morning as the 2021/22 fixtures are released.

We will reveal the dates and times for all 380 matches at 09:00 BST so you can start planning for the campaign ahead.

Who will your team face in their opening match? When will their first derby be? Who will you be watching on Boxing Day? All these questions will be answered on premierleague.com.

The 2021/22 Premier League season will start on Saturday 14 August 2021 and end on Sunday 22 May 2022.

Spurs away.

Why do they always say this? When they know the TV companies will take it apart. Plus given that Boris is an incompetent tool, we can’t plan for anything at the moment.

We’ll probably get Everton, because I feel like we always get them early. Hopefully all the good away days will be towards the end of the season.

We’ll get Brentford away and get a scrappy 2-2 draw, with Isak and Grealish to score. :grinning:


Wow, you’re right! Brentford away!


Chelsea at home second match. City away third match :skull: with the North London derby a couple weeks later. Dreadful start.

Our run-in however, is favorable.


Just in time for us to win our last 5 or 6 and finish 8th ?


Chelsea have like their entire squad at the euros. If Germany, England and france go far surely they could potentially miss the opening couple games?

Werner, Havertz, Rudiger
Mount, Chillwell, James
Kante, Giroud, Zouma
Azpilicueta, Jorginho, Kovacic

Fingers crossed that early run gets Arteta the sack.

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The first few games are hard, but think we have a fairly balanced fixture list after that. The congested Christmas period looks pretty favourable barring City on New Year’s Day.

We’ve got no excuses in any event. No European football should mean we’re super well prepped and focused for every league game. Massive advantage over all our big 6 rivals.


Eddie has spoken

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We all know it be fat Sam in the dug out when where in the relegation zone.

I got the first bit right. :grinning:

We’ve got Man City, Chelsea and spurs in our first six games so we’ll need Grealish and Isak.

We’ll be in the bottom 3 after one win out of 6 games .

I reckon we’ll beat Norwich and Spurs at home, win 1 of Brentford and Burnley away, draw Chelsea and lose to City.

3-2-1 first 6 with 11 points.

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The best time to play top teams is at the start after an international tournament. No form has been established and key starters still need rest


Not great, not terrible.

We’ll manage.

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No biggie with a Saliba and White clean-sheet and Maddison hat-trick assisted by the Belgian bloke


1 Man City 21
2 Leeds 17
3 Liverpool 16
4 Arsenal 16
5 Aston Villa 15
6 Chelsea 13
7 Leicester 13
8 Man Utd 13
9 Everton 11
10 Crystal Palace 11

Didn’t realize I rate Leeds this much.