2024 Paris Olympics

How big was the step?!

What a gutter to miss on the olympics for falling in your garden

This is a shit tournament.


:rofl: Fuck’s sake Leper

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Damn. How in the hell does one do that much damage by tripping over a step. :grimacing:

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Does my head in when NZers pretend they give a fuck about rowing when we do well at the Olympics.

Boring as fuck sport regardless of whether we are good at it.

Not just NZ. In every country, when the Olympics comes around, there are always people who are suddenly fans of sports they never watch at any other time of the year.

I did actually get tickets in the ballot for Paris Olympics. Mainly athletics. If I am healthy enough to go, that is. Fingers crossed.

Are the rowing team called the Oar Blacks?


was this step or a “leap of faith”??

wow… sorry for the sad news… that was one kind of an “injury”.
more like a car accident than a trip.

That’s actually the name of our surf lifesaving team apparently lol

On a similar note, our badminton team used to be called the 'Black Cocks". And yes, this is 100% true lol they have changed it since though (wonder why?)


I knew that. Saw it on the BBC’s Olympic coverage


Dunno what’s more impressive, the aul lad competing at that level or the 15 year old off to her second Olympics. Respect.

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Looking forward to this. But why is Russia still banned?


There is no justification allowing Israel to compete if Russia isn’t allowed.

I would support an extension of the ban to Isreal, rather than lifting the ban on Russia.

I always forget the Olympics starts before the opening ceremony.

Anyway, i didn’t know Bielsa was working with the Canadian women’s team.


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Bielsa and his bloody drones

No athletes should be banned purely because of the country on their passport.

It’s petty and vindictive.

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Don’t shout at us for not having it like we used to.