2024 General Election



You’re right on this though.

Like I said, YouTubers and chancers are coming for political leadership.

I don’t think it’s fair to blame Muslims (but Muslims are turning to these guys as everyone else ignores them), but these Andrew Tate guys will become more and more prominent.

Tate to be an MP soon, wouldn’t even surprise me.

Keir Starmer’s Cabinet has the lowest percentage of privately educated members ever, with just 1 person (4%) compared to 63% in Rishi Sunak’s Cabinet


I love this

The tories seemed to have killed social mobility and aspiration for people.

Now I hope this is a signal that it is back.

We need to start rewarding hard work again in this country

We have been rewarding corruption and boozing for 14 years


Kier’s first press conference was brilliant.

Finally an adult is in charge of the country.

Country-first, party-second, bitches!



I heard someone on the New Statesman podcast saying that for the first time in history you could walk from Brighton to the English/Scottish border without passing through a single Conservative constituency :joy:


What about before they existed? :wenger:


This could have been an awkward first conversation!

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Look, I know I’ve been very critical of starmer and there are still so many issues with him and the wider Labour PLP.

But lads. How fucking good is it not being in Tory Britain anymore?



Now that the dust as settled, how bad was the electoral campaign from Sunak? Surprise election call, national service, betting scandal to crying about stopping Labour supermajority (He wasn’t even talking about winning).

0/10 seems generous.


Cornwall is entirely Labour and Lib Dem for the first time which is wonderful haha

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He did it on purpose as a final FU to the 1926 committee or whatever those wanks call themselves.

We’re gonna get Braverman as Leader of opposition aren’t we?

Time will tell how effective this Labour Party is, but it sure is nice to get back to some normality.

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Probably the best time for her to get the leadership to be honest. She can’t do anything and she’s a deeply unlikeable person who will probably end up with worse numbers than Sunak and she’s not really someone Farage can really stand up and have a go at to try weasel himself into the party.

I think Hunt or someone like that is who they’ll gravitate towards and he’ll have Braverman sniping and Farage joining in from the outside. Let her have it id say.

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Depends on the direction they choose to go, but if they try to go the more sane route (as opposed to the Braverman route), James Cleverly could be a good shout. Think he’d be a good opposition leader for them in this period.

The Tories either have to take votes from Reform or Labour (or indeed the Lib Dems). A good centrist candidate could help them with the Labour / Lib Dem vote. They also need someone relatively untouched by the chaos of the last five years.

If I were them I’d go for Tom Tugendhat. Maybe because I’ve met him several times but he’s an impressive figure in foreign affairs, he’s got a good military record, very personable and quite moderate. The public would like him.

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Saw this on twitter. Pretty cool

59.9 the final % for turnout, amazing.

All these useless cunts need to get to work on restoring public faith regardless of party.