2022 World Cup Qualifiers

hat trick by fit-ron :bellend: and 5-0

Ah, sorry :grimacing:

Absolute scenes I can’t ever remember us having such a straightforward qualification campaign lol.

3 points away from the playoffs and means the game against Denmark in November can be nice and relaxed :blush:

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Hungary were fantastic. England shit as ever.

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Ireland scored four goals against Qatar

Denmark first country to qualify for the World Cup :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

8 wins, 8 clean sheets and 27 goals :tongue::sweat_drops:

Mæhle with 7 goals in 21 goals is pretty epic for an RB lol


did you beat Germany? didn’t they play yesterday?

timewise I mean


Also Qatar have been qualified for over ten years.



They obvs don’t count :hipster:

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Germany do count though. And they qualified before you. Gutted. :crazy_face:

Did they really?

I actually thought Denmark was the first, hard to imagine anyone else getting more points haha

Bit of a Give Tottenham cup type thing this :joy:

Denmark haven’t even conceded a goal (yet) :wink:

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They played on Monday night

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Pfff they qualified because of the other teams and not themselves. Frauds only got 7 wins.

Low should have stepped down for a long time…

Germany finally looks like Germany after Flicks took over.

You like what you see so far from Hansi Flick?

So far so good, really positive, and miles better than what Low did.

Just one thing… I don’t mind recalling Reus, just don’t recall Kroos.
If we have forwards like Gnabry, Sane, Werner, Adeyemi upfront, don’t fucking use a slow motion midfield who needs 5 seconds to make the “killer” pass and can’t defend.

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Safe to say Özil will not be recalled :poldi:

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One is attacking midfield, one is CM/DM
they are different