2019 Copa America Last Man Standing

Yeah, I might just hold back from the stereotype mocking on this one.

Just remembered you said you didn’t want Argentina. Do you remember you got them in the last LMS Copa edition in 2015? haha you weren’t best pleased :joy:

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Uruguay, not bad. :laca:

Could be worse, I got the club synonymous with interspecies erotica :metal::metal:

Qatar?! Give my spot to someone else :joy:



Mah man Paulo Guerrero will lead us to glory :peru:

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Starts tonight!

Come on the boys!! :bolivia::bolivia::bolivia::bolivia::bolivia:

boy that sequence by venezuela :rofl:

did columbia win?

they’re playing next (k.o. soon)

edit: not in 10mins, 1hr and 10 mins

beauty goals by Colombia both Martinez’ and Zapata’s. Argentina pale as Otamendis shit hair cut, Messi nonexistent.

Oh look, Messi choking up once again at the international stage.
To his credit, Argentina’s squads are always so underwhelming given the pool of talent they got. Messi needs to retire and call it a day. Might as well retire the NT as well.

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The goalkeeper, defence and midfield of Argentina is so average.

Edit: was speaking to my friend and he said Argentina was much better and didn’t deserve to lose at all. Hopefully Messi gets his hands on an international trophy so people can stop beating him with that stick.

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Duvan the Destroyer to finish tournament top scorer, you heard it here first :+1:

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One of the worst matches in my living memory. The referees whistle was permanently attached to his lips. 30 freaking fouls in the game, and toss in the penchant for South American players to talk - in the loosest sense of the word - through every decision with referee.

Argentina are turrible. Such a poor side given the offensive talents. Dybala constantly shunned from the team. Icardi not even in the 23. Urgh.

Good start from the boys! :uruguay: :uruguay: :uruguay:

Tough luck @Phoebica :neutral_face:

Watched the highlights of this. My boys let me down :slightly_frowning_face: Ecuador were dreadful. Looked like their game plan was “elbow everyone in the head”, surprised there was only one red card!

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Chile is fucking shit up, 400 minutes of scoreless football for the defense. We got this :trophy: viva adam y humberrrrr!!

Just the 39 fouls tonight between Argentina and Paraguay. My favourite stat is all 11 starters for Argentina made at least 1 foul.

Still no Dybala but a one Matias Suarez got some minutes. Suarez, of course, was heavily linked with Arsenal back in 2013 when he played for Anderlecht. He’s still not very good.