2018 FIFA World Cup


STARTS IN 50 DAYS :heart_eyes:


Love the World Cup.

Even without my country participating :crying_cat_face:


At least we get to see some football in the off season apart from the MLS crap.


Ha. If I had to watch the WC because of my country I would be clueless what a World Cup is.


Time to start getting ready for this then :slight_smile:


Holland and Italy are not there :xhaka:


Do you have to remind me really Luca?


Yes :wink:


Thank god the rubbish teams arnt their :stuck_out_tongue:




Icardi and Dybala will be left out in the end, imo.


I’m starting to think Dybala will make it but Icardi won’t


Aguero, Messi, Higuain and Perotti are enough upfront.


Noise is Dybala will make it, Icardi doesn’t seem to get on with Messi.


I know Messi is Messi and all that and when you have an array of forward talent, something has to give.

But the idea that a guy who’s scored 30 goals this season can be left out is absurd. Imagine having that luxury.



Wow that’s incredible if true


Haven’t been less excited for a WC since the last one. Didnt even get a sticker book.


This is big news.
Can potentially open a whole can of worms.


Nothing story. They have the autonomy to assign teams to groups and that’s what they did.