2018 FIFA World Cup


Midfield was horrible throughout the tournament…it was always going to get dismantled against good opposition. Alli and Lingaard were asked to be CMs in a 3, which both are unfamiliar with. Henderson isn’t a top DM or Deep playmaker either, those three can’t run a midfield. All three cannot win the ball either.

Croatia done well to stretch the fuck out of them and ran the midfield. This ultimately won them the game.

Fair play to Southgate and the boys though. Despite the easy route, they done well to beat what was in front of them. But its so crushing to be one game away from experiencing a world cup final. We’ll be lucky to see that in our lifetime.


You know what I won’t miss? People who don’t usually watch football discussing football like they’re experts! Sitting in the office listening to two girls, who openly admitted to not even knowing who Maguire and Stones were before the tournament started, discuss where we went wrong last night is truely painful!


But are they fit ? :henry2:


One thing ive liked about the semi finals was the refs easing up on the cards. Game does not require card for every foul conceded.
Lovren was a littlie lucky to escape one last night, but thought he was excellent on Kane.


That’s the World Cup for you. It’s what made football the biggest global sport.

Club football by comparison will never have the same far reaching appeal with casuals.


Throw in social media and most important of all normal television its sport for all.


Sky took away so many eyeballs away from top level sport. BT now doing the same thing. Sure the same audiences will tune in but growth and inspiring new generations has a paywall now.




Hahah how bad is it ? Try being in Australia and every man women and their dog are acting if they know a bit about footballer.


Wales run to the semis in the Euros was better than Englands imo.


It’s like I said before.
People who drive around with flags all over their cars, or people walking around with England shirts on,actually while England are playing.
It’s often the people in pubs that are the loudest and most animated that seem to know the least about football but who are just jumping on the band wagon.
You rarely see the same people in the pub watching PL games.

People who are like this are often very jingoistic and few years ago, during a World Cup I had a conversation with a woman about an England game, and it went something like:

Woman: Did you see the England game?
Me: Yes
Woman: Did you see that ref?
Me: What do you mean?
Woman: Typical German, giving all the decisions against us
Me: He was French
Woman: Same thing

The other thing I can’t stand is people who claim to be England football supporters that don’t watch any games after we have been knocked out, not even the final.


Wales beating Belgium in the quarter finals was the best game of the tournament. For 90 minutes I was Welsh goings nuts when Hal Robson Kanu scored the winner I think haha


:joy::joy: @Electrifying


Props to Dejan for making such a statement just days before having to face Mbappe :+1:


I just had a look back at the poll for this World Cup and there were five posters who chose France, including me, @Calum @JohnnyH @Craigie @Lister86 and no one picked Croatia.
@Cristo did pick other, but didn’t specify what country.
Does this count if Croatia do win it? :grinning:


I picked “Other” for Denmark :wink:


I admire your honesty.


I picked Germany. You let me down Fritz.


I picked France because international football is shit and they have the best players and have been together long enough without winning that this would probably be the right time.

My betting account is empty but I’ll recoup all my money if France win and Kane gets the golden boot. Then I can spend it all betting on Arsenal to lose like normal.


Well… wasn’t Yugoslavia a Europe football powerhouse in the past? Their nick name was “European Brazil”.

No matter what, they have 2 world class midfielders this time, Modric and Rakitic, and enough to get them into the final.