2018 FIFA World Cup


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This looks like the right answer. Good front line with Kane. True, he fluffed some chances, but he wasn’t getting a ton of them. A midfield creator that can feed him and England would be in the final. In the end, Croatia had that guy in Modric, who should be player of the tournament.


Chup be chutiye.

England has been one of most boring International team I have ever watched.
My affiliation is with football and I will back the team who serve me the entertainment I crave from the game.











My head is absolutely pounding today, feel absolutely rotten. Gutted there’s no way I can pull a sickie.

There are a bunch of shouting schoolkids in this bus and I want to hit one of them.

This is gonna be a tough day to get through lol


When a team is desperate to score



No way you could have booked an annual leave day prior ? Knowing it was going to be a huge night.


Gutted but trying to keep upbeat.

Best one yet:



Leave has to be booked a minimum of a week in advance, maybe my time line is fucked up but I don’t think we even knew we’d be in the semi final a week ago. Plus a maximum of two people can be off at once in my team, which is already the case.

Had an interview for a promotion within my team on Monday and they’re in the process of interviewing the last candidate and deciding, would be a truly awful shout for me to pull a sickie today lol


Hahaha yeah totally understand. I could think of nothing worse than being hungover on a commute to work on transport in London, I feel for you at the moment dude.


@JakeyBoy and the kids on his work commute today


The facts are, we played six games in the World Cup, and the only games we won were against Tunisia, Panama and Sweden, who were three of the weakest teams in the tournament.

We did well to get to the semi final, but realistically we got beaten by a country with a population of just over four million, who don’t have a reputation of being a world footballing powerhouse, who deserve to be in the final against France.


Apart from joke, England needs a plan B when they are leading. They just can’t defend.


I support england in most things except football rugby or f1, or anything Italy are half decent at. I’m 1/4 Scottish and don’t want Murray to win because he’s a pure cockwomble, but because of that 1/4 and my grandad I won’t want england to win anything football wise.

I hate most English league teams except arsenal, my local team Wednesday and maybe Newcastle just cos I grew up watching shearer take on manutd.


We used to have midfield creators and we still couldn’t play a possession game well compared to who we were up against.

But in the context of this England - which only ever had a few chances to make a chance…

I reckon one player in place of Alli that could execute that final pass might have allowed Kane/Sterling/Lingard maybe 1/2 more golden chances.

We set up a little bit like Atletico but never had anything like the killer passing combinations they do. Country doesn’t have a final ball specialist between the lines. Wilshere and Lallana came closest to that when fit.


In the same season as Giroud became an Arsenal reject, and then go on to sit on the bench at Chelsea, he could become a World Cup winner.

He has done what RVP, the striker he replaced, did before him.
Left us and gone to win a major trophy.