2018 FIFA World Cup


@Arsenal4thetreble i needed this after the ‘its coming home’ pish. don’t stop haha, continue on this windup madness!!!





Do you actually find him funny?




He couldnt beat fucking Birmingham with RVP, Fab and Roscicky though. He cant set a defence to save his life.


Spot on. First half we dominated but second half we were pressed right from our penalty area. We didn’t have the confidence to play our from the back and resorted to lumpingthe ball up to kane. If we’re going to be a team that keeps possession we have to believe in it 100%



Jules Rimet is better than that shite disco ball. :laca:


It was a worry that the majority of our goals have come from set pieces.

That’s just not right when you have Kane leading the line of attack, we essentially became set piece merchants and although it was a strength it highlights a distinct weakness in the side and how we’re set up.

I don’t think we were playing the right system or personnel.


England simply just don’t have enough creativity and quality in midfield and until they can find a midfield talisman they won’t win a major tournament.


I disagree with the notion that this England team were set up to play possession football.

It seems obvious that this team were set up to defend in numbers, create from wide, threaten on set pieces and to generally pick up the scraps centrally with high energy midfielders. England played into that system well and it’s now their identity.

That’s why we played with midfield runners and looked to counter extremely quickly. There was absolutely no hesitation to go long for Sterling whenever we could.

No attempt at working possession and keeping it ticking over. No intention to control the game from midfield. Instead we looked to control the game with our shape and build up from the back.

This was evidently the way Southgate wanted to go and it paid off more than any other system England have adopted.

Yes I think we lacked midfielders that could pass with precision and deliver an incisive ball.

Yes I think a Wilshere or a Lallana would have been a good shout for this very reason - but ultimately there was too much ill will towards these kinds of players for it to be worth the risk.

The whole team committed to one style and one shape.

As for open play goals - it was Kane who failed to convert the crucial chance from open play.


Unfortunately when your wide players are Sterling and Lingard…


Playing possession based football is what Southgate was aiming for as well as high energy press., you can say control through shape but he still aimed to keep a good deal of possession.

Issue is with the personnel on the field the possession goes to shit when they’re under pressure against better sides, it was definitely erogenous to not take players in that mould.

The team did seem able to knock it about at times but the quality of passing was not good enough, as for open play goals sure Kane missed tonight but the supply to him has been dire all tournament.

I also question playing someone who is not an instinctive finisher by any stretch of the imagination in what essentially was a striker partnership, if you’re not playing Sterling out wide or as a #10 it’ll become an issue.





2020 at Wembley is when it’s actually coming home FYI


Never too early to start. IT’S COMING HOME LADS!!


To everyone who supported us.

To everyone who believed this time was different.

To everyone who wasn’t afraid to dream.

To everyone who knows this is only the beginning.

Thank you. We hope we made you proud.



Real men cry man, that’s what I’m telling myself…


It’s good that England lost, the beauty of that song is in the hopeful hopelessness.


I do so enjoy watching Sterling prancing around with his fancy hands.


@discobot fortune Did you know it weren’t coming home all along?