2018 FIFA World Cup


Psst, Gibraltar is ours.


Croatia for certain are a better possession team than England.

And for them to have the energy in extra time that they did is something to be applauded. Incredible fitness and conditioning.

Certainly from a purist standpoint they’re far more conventional than the England set up.

That’s not to say it’s the best way to play. But it is more recognisable in modern times than 5-3-2.


Lmao.:joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy: Luca get these cocky English!!



You tell em Roy :arteta:

Mugged Ian Wright off. :arteta:


He’s had a fantastic tournament so we poor as that was I’m not going to rag on him for it. Him and Maguire have been two standouts in the England defence.


Yeah Maguire’s had all our best goalscoring opportunities


Mocking his accent because of !?

Ian Wright is a fucking clown.


not trying to derail the thread but that woman was stupid pretty, just needed to say that. Audrey is the bg pic on my phone even though I’m perhaps too old for things like that now :sweat_smile:


Agreed. Ridiculously stunning lady.

Never too old for that. :slight_smile: Unless she were topless strewn atop a car bonnet that is. :stuck_out_tongue:


A CB had all the scoring chances for ur team and nobody thinks Wenger could do a better job with the talent on the English squad?


No one cares about your boy Wenger anymore. Get over him :kissing_heart:


Wenger already got dicked by Croatia.


He’ll be managing England soon enough, don’t worry.


Wenger’s level is the USMNT. :laca:


Quality riposte, that. :joy:


Too harsh on Wenger.
USMNT is simply shit (without Klinsmann)


Haha that’s the point ronald, he’s simultaneously taken a massive swipe both at a4tt’s idol and his country.



English people love 4th place so as far as I’m concerned it’s basically home.


Coulda been England had they been smarter and less cocky.