2018 FIFA World Cup


Me neither. Shit team.

Corrupt tournament too. If England had any morals they’d have withdrawn from it this year!



Like Roy, hes still a nice guy (I don’t think he’s that shit but it seems in international management the bar is set low. Italy aside maybe. No wonder VdB swept the floor with all these fools.)


Absolutely love how Roy Keane keeps mentioning how this was pretty much Engand’s best chance to get to a final.


Wenger needs to manage England, stop fighting it.


Small nation mentality. :laca:


not really hindsight… Jack should be included on this England team and used as a sub…
zero creativity from the midfield line


I mean… He’s bang on here:



You know, it makes sense really. Obviously if you come from a UK country with a population of like <5 million all you’ve got to cheer is England failing, because you’ve achieved nothing yourselves.

You might as well all enjoy it. None of us English people have a killer response beyond the obvious, so crack on.


Ian WWW and Keane kicking off :smile:


lol @ this argument between Kean and Wrighty :joy:


Roy Keane scenes :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Exactly. Nearly better than the CL final.


I might keep my 3 lions avatar for a while longer. :thinking:


At least until we get smashed by Belgium.


Genuine question, does anyone really care about coming third?


First time in the semi since 1990, why not be “happy” for a while?


Doesn’t mean a single thing to me.

Doubt I watch the game.


I’d completely forgotten we have to play that awful game


[quote=“Electrifying, post:8416, topic:1934, full:true”] And Trippier (Spurs player I know but played really well the whole tournament and he deserved a better ending than being carted off.)

I wish to differ there. He was awful almost embarrassing in the second half and on against Colombia. Nervous, scared with the ball and taken by the moment. Same today as longer the match went on he played very nervously and was out of position on a few occasions. Together with Walker he is to blame for the lack of marking and awareness at Croatia’s 1-1.
Guess it’s down to him being young and lacking experience, but imo the weakest link in the England team and the most likely to crumble by the pressure.


You lot are kidding yourselves saying the Spurs and United players are to blame for you praying for our downfall.

It always has been and always will be your issue with England the country itself and the English people in general.

You don’t like the English - just admit it instead of making up bollocks about who’s in the team.

You’re just haters.