2018 FIFA World Cup


Some South American troglodyte cup.


Dunno about that lol, both are going to get dicked on by the far bigger and better teams in their respective leagues :arteta:






Perhaps, Arsenal with a fresh approach, will provide a nice surprise in the upcoming season.

Also, 10 years from now, you’ll appreciate England being in the semi’s, regardless. IF England plays well in the next tournament or two, they’ll point to this WC in getting a taste of success as the springboard.


International equivalent to the Emirates Cup. :laca:


Kane scores that chance at 1-0 and its 2-0 England and youse are in the final.

Some more ammo to hate him with haha



I’m honestly a broken man. Football hasn’t done this to me since we lost our unbeaten run in 2004.

Don’t @ me cos I will honestly ban people for no good reason right now.

I’ve got no idea how to cope with this.

Ultimately we got what we deserved.


Twice. In a row.


That the best player in the world cries about losing.


I was joking man. :laughing: Come on now.


Because it was unexpected does it feel worse?

Serious question honestly


Also, I don’t see how some non-English Arsenal fans should like this England team with 1 of Arsenal’s worst players in and chock full to the brim with Spurs and United players??

Main guy I feel for is Southgate. And Trippier (Spurs player I know but played really well the whole tournament and he deserved a better ending than being carted off.)


I know haha. Just trying to support my country’s conquests.




I felt a bit nervous against Colombia, truth be told I wasn’t terribly so against the Swedes, this one like I quoted twice today, I felt we’d lose for sure.

I feel fucking sick but am very proud of the lads not even pissed at them for not winning this game. It may be a team full of Spuds and Mancs but I love this England team like none I’ve seen.

As for the question, I don’t think it feels worse because as you say no-one expected it, this journey has been one of excitement and I’ve thorougly enjoyed the journey.


Why? He’s still shit…I repeat, England qualified over Tunisia and Panamá, beat Colombia undeservedly, and beat a bunch of nordic farmer herring boys.


England need to find a ball player before the Euros. Dele and Lingard can’t be it again. :joy: