2018 FIFA World Cup


You’re never shit in international play with an attacking core like Croatia has.


Cuz the loophole. You should be proud of Poland tbf.


Tough for the England fans—future looks bright, but likely to never get such an easy draw to the final again.


Hopefully now Kane and Alli have the Van Persie meltdown and demand a move.


England winning world cup would have been akin to Trump winning presidency.




Amazing run the team has had made the whole country truly believe, had very little expections but they shattered what people thought we could achieve.

The team came of age in this tournament the future seems bright and it’s been a long time we could say that.




Unlucky but missed chances and Croatia took theirs.

Hope they win it now. Fuck France.





Proud to be English


They weren’t convincing in qualifying. And their best players are mainly in their 30s.

I still don’t think they’ve been that great this tournament, but better than I was previously giving them credit for.


Southgate looks like such a twat.


Don’t hate because he’s so dapper.


No creativity in midfield


Deserved. Croatia was the better side.


Topman’s finest.


Coglioni! :mustafi:


Why? It’s so much funnier to watch them continually fail whilst being spuds :joy::joy::joy:


More like Savile Row