2018 FIFA World Cup


Maybe Oliver is decent enough to ref at the world cup, but the English refs have been dogshit this season so it’s understandable.

No Brits means that grade A monumental fucking huge cunt Douglas Ross doesn’t make it either, good riddance. But then also less chance of the whopper getting mauled in Russia :santi:


Quite astonishing no refs from the World’s best league are going to the WC. The standards here must surely trump most other smaller nations who will be represented instead no doubt. Seems a bit discriminative tbh.


Fixed that for you.


They must be have got something very right when we have Spaniards like yourself exclusively supporting an English team and not one from your own country.


Tbf he did say the marketing was top notch. And it is.


Most of them are well known Champions League refs so I wouldn’t be too sure.


The EU is planning to field a team at this summer’s World Cup in shock show of solidarity against Russia, the Huffington Post tells us.

Belgium, the home of the EU, offered to sacrifice its place in the tournament to make room for the elite squad of players selected from member states, the website reports.

Tottenham-supporting Brexiteers will be no doubt be particularly alarmed to read that Harry Kane could line up for the EU against England…


Best April fools I have seen all day


No doubt. Dennis Bergkamp played there.


Morocco will win the World Cup.


Is it even the World Cup without the FourFourTwo World Cup issue?


The :goat: at the centre :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


Got this in the post today, just been flicking through it. It looks a decent as always – but they set themselves an incredibly high bar with their 90s football issue a few months ago. That was probably the best issue of any magazine ever! So much so, that i’ve kept it to revisit on occasions :heart_eyes:


Done! My last “sticker” was Aguero. :slight_smile:


In the build up to the 2018 World Cup, the Guardian have been reliving the most memorable WC moments.

This week’s… :heart_eyes:


I remember that moment so well.

It was a really hot, uncomfortable day. The match was crazy. We scored an amazing 1-0, great link-up between Kluivert and Bergkamp.

12’ Kluivert goal 1-0

Look at the weight of that Bergkamp header assist. Just lovely.

17’ They fought their way back and quickly equalized 1-1.

89’ Late on Van der Sar got Ortega sent off. Crazy moment.

My mom went completely nuts and couldn’t handle the tension anymore, so she went outside to mow the lawn. My dad, me and my brother left watching and we went absolutely apeshit when Batistuta missed the penalty (nearly destroyed the crossbar!). Couldn’t believe our luck and we prepared ourselves for extra time.

Only for our legend to go into god mode with that goal. Sheer joy of course and my mom ran inside forgetting to turn off the lawnmower. It went right through a flower bed. :smiley: nobody cared.

What a day. What a team. We should have won that World Cup. Best Holland side I remember. We completely bottled it vs Brazil.


I think the penalty fiasco vs Italy in the 2000 Euros semifinal was the bigger bottle job.

Also, there was no penalty, you must have dreamed that one up. :slight_smile:


LOL wtf, that is strange. I guess I don’t remember all the details, it is 20 years ago already :open_mouth:

The 2000 Euro’s semifinal is erased from my mind :slight_smile:


Next you’ll be telling us you didn’t even have roast chicken that day