2018 FIFA World Cup


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Finally got Özil in a pack! :heart_eyes:

Also got Ronaldo so not a bad afternoon of playing it lol


Read this post, clicked on the app, opened a pack and got Neymar :grin:


I just got Ozil aswell


A bit surprising, no? It was my assumption that British referees were generally well represented at major tournaments.


Not really surprising that England doesn’t have a ref at the WC given that the biggest name right now isn’t even refereeing in the PL. As for the past few tournaments, Webb was by far the best known with no one being anywhere close during that time.


I think its surprising that no ref from one of the biggest leagues has no representation tbh. Be a few here of much lower standard im sure.


It’s a damning indictment of the standard of refereeing in this country. It would be pretty interesting if referees could move around the continent. Send Mike Dean to referee Fenerbahce v Besiktas


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Got some codes for you if you ain’t seen them


I haven’t started playing yet :confused: the interface looks horrible. Haven’t tried the Phone app yet


Fucking love you


Is it? Actual question. I’ve no idea how they decide these things.


I think so. It’s the first time in 80 years that we won’t have a representive. Refereeing seems to have declined somewhat.

This is the list the FA put forward:

Martin Atkinson
Stuart Attwell
Robert Madley
Michael Oliver
Craig Pawson
Anthony Taylor
Paul Tierney

Some may argue that it’s a fix or that FIFA or whoever have lost respect for us etc, and perhaps there is an element of that, who knows? But that list Is pretty underwhelming. Howard Webb was our representive at the last two World Cups and he obviously got to referee a final. None of the refs on that list IMO are close to his level so I think it’s hard for anyone to make a case for any of them or a case that incompetence isn’t to blame or at least partly to blame.


I definitely agree none of those refs are as good as Webb but they are still surely above the level of the refs from Bahrain or the UAE. That said it could be other UEFA refs they’re competing against…I dunno.


I guess they like to incorporate each confederation, but I can’t find anything to suggest that there is a limit to how many each one can have. But I did find this:

Selection was based on “each referee’s skills and personality, as well as his level of understanding of football and ability to read both the game and the various tactics employed by teams,” a FIFA statement said.

So that might explain things. “Personality” :grin:


Yeah British refs really are not that bad compared to the standard across the field. Strikes me as a rather odd decision.


Might not be as good as Webb and a few others in the past, but the prem for whatever its faults is free of corruption on field and highly watched and respected. Still you have your VAR in place so happy viewing world.


The biggest factor is that Clattenburg isn’t a PL referee anymore but decided to go after the money. He refereed the CL and Euros finale just 2 years ago and would have certainly been towards the top of the list.


Yeah he was on the original long list but was removed in 2016.

He would have been our best shot for sure. I think (weirdly) the US are the only country with two representives. So really, not having one isn’t that much of a big deal.


No Sian Williams running the line, then. Shame, I like the way she hops along like a little rabbit.