2018 FIFA World Cup


Germany, France, Brazil, Argentina, Portugal, Spain, Belgium in order

Imo. It’s hard to rule out Argentina and Portugal whilst Messi and Ronaldo exist


I’d say Portugal have as much chance of winning it as Italy.


Portugal have an outsider chance with Ronaldo. Better team now than in 2016 where they were European Champs. They’ve experienced the winning feeling


Yeah, i’ve got Portugal losing to Uruguay in the last 16.

With Cavani, Suarez, Atletico Madrid’s defence and the best player in the world in Torreira, I think they’ll have too much for Portugal.


Portugal should be quite happy with 2nd place and a 8th finals exit in my opinion but I wouldn’t be surprised if Morocco put them out of their misery early on. :wink:


Portugal look quite good on paper, but I’d imagine the Sporting stuff will be paying on a bit in some players’ minds.


Listening to the totally football show world cup preview podcasts and some think Argentina are gonna struggle. Some recon they won’t even get out the group!

Agree tbh. They have a shit team apart from their strikers




@Calum I think they’ll win their group, largely due to Messi, but they’ll really struggle against any of the big teams (even England haha)





Have a group stage like the Euros and Portugal won’t see the Round of 16.


Spain are in complete disaray, their manager has been sacked with about 48hours left before they start their tournament!

Real Madrid and Lopetegui have completely fucked it





WTF :gabriel::gabriel::gabriel:


I don’t understand the logic behind the sacking.


I think it was the manner in which he and Real Madrid announced it. They didn’t give the federation much noticed which I think they were annoyed by

Pretty much this:



Agreed. The Spanish FA were surely aware before now. Must be some serious stuff going on behind the scenes.

I actually never heard of this guy until yesterday. :smile: (he was the Spain manager so that’s obviously reflective of my lack of knowledge and nothing else).


Sergio Ramos player/ coach role not a problem.



I think he might be Fernando Hierro. They won’t want to change too much if they can.

Unless they go last minute for Zidane and he wins the World Cup :joy: