2018 FIFA World Cup


Repeating the World cup has proven difficult historically yes, but why should it be? It’s four years in between, enough time to get younger players in etc and often new circumstances.

I just don’t trust Brazil to perform. They’re always the favourites but have proven multiple tournaments that they lack discipline, mental strength and defensive awareness. It can go either way really, success or a collaps and that’s why I consider them outsiders. If all things come together they can walk this WC, but they are just as likely to collapse.This year they have no leader in the team either. Silva was removed as captain, Neymar too and now Gabriel Jesus (?!) captained them in their last game.


Tell me about it, these shmucks have only won the thing 5 times, geesh.


It’s the last chance for “Croatia golden generation”. Let’s see if they can reach at least the last-8.


Yeah and look how many times they’ve bottled it. Should be atleast 2-3 more titles there. Probably 7-8 if you are jumping on the pre-WC hype train.


Hang on. Griezman was both a child and a fan of his national team? This information is too much! C’est la vie indeed! (Yes I’m aware the video doesn’t say that)


That’s as faulty a logic as any.


@Persona, ready for another bottle job? :mustafi:


Goldman Sachs have predicted Brazil to win with an 18% chance.



Well your on the hype train so. Didn’t go too well against Germany the last time. And yes, Brazil were considered to have no weaknesses then and were favourites. With fantastic defenders all around. So I don’t know what your getting at, more then dillivering one liners in the shape of ‘your wrong’. Ok? :thinking:


Nothing that you just said is true, if you expect something more constructive start making sense and using facts. I don’t do demagogy.


What isn’t true then? Please enlighten me? Because I can’t see you coming with any “facts”. Is their defensive lineup better now then four years ago? I have a very hard time believing that. Either way it’s either success or failure with Brazil, but they’re always favourites before hand. No denying that.


Since you were so kind to ask.

To start with, I am on no hype train. I haven’t even said whom I favor to win it. That was one of the many false statements you hastened to make.

No, they weren’t considered to have no weaknesses. Brazil has always been considered a country with plenty of flair and the most creative and attractive forward play that suffers defensively and tactically. Furthermore, their 2014 World Cup squad is one of the least impressive and uninspiring Brazil squads I have seen in my lifetime (consider this since 1994). If there was any hype surrounding that squad, it was based on expectation following the fact that they were hosts and that they are the arguably the biggest football country in the world.

Here are some facts for you.

Brazil not only holds the record amount of WC titles but they also have an unbeatable winning ratio in WC finals, having only lost 2 out of 7. You beloved Germany has bottled half the finals they’ve been into. Definitely factual evidence to say you can’t trust Brazil to perform, innit?. If they are not to be trusted then I wonder who is?

So even though they have been in a final 7 times you think they should have won the competition 7-8 times, yet you have nothing to say about Germany who have been in a final 8 times but won it only 4.

You speak of Brazil being the favorites as if they are the Real Madrid of club football playing vs the likes of Stoke. Obviously it’s a competitively packed competition, Brazil would often get a slight nod because of their history, style and global footballing size. They carry a mythology around them that excites people. It doesn’t mean that they have been a nation consistently a level above anybody else that has failed to produce systematically.

I’d say their history, success and achievements are quite aptly represented in the expectations towards them. You massively exaggerate how favored they are compared to everyone else, while there are plenty of other nations that are respectfully recognized and often favored above Brazil - Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Argentina the prime examples of modern football.


Talking about false statements ‘my beloved Germany’. I wasn’t aware of that. You talk as if I have feelings for Germany. No I just have a hunch they may win it. I would however rather see other nations do well.

I’m well aware of Brazils history. But I wouldn’t consider they’re 1994 team to be more inspiring then they’re 2014 team. I would say that they’re worst teams were 1986 and 1990. Not because of the individual talent, but of the fact they didn’t play as a team and had aging players. Which rather much is the keyword for me, team.

Being in the final is one thing, being knocked out early is another. The world cups where Brazil play as a tactically united team they are the most successful. You’re hitting the nail with the ‘Real Madrid’ of nations, because that’s just what I’m against. The hype because…well…they’re Brazil. As if that’s all there is to it. Just having the most individually skilled players is not enough in modern football.

They are on a good run and Tite seems to have put his mark on the team. But I’m fearing the tactical disorder knocking on the door after the group stage. That’s why I doubt they will win it. If they keep it together and win, then congratulations. But I still feel France and Germany have a better and solid tactical approach.

The WC today is very uncertain. Just saying Brazil because they’re Brazil and hyping them up happens every time. Of course they are in the talk of potential winners, but I doubt it (keyword I). Not having a go at you, but the media and forums etc hyping for Brazil yet again.


Enough with the hype already!


Dont understand all the fuss. Germany are nailed on to win this World Cup. They are the best team BY FAR at the moment.


Brazil are daylights ahead of what they were in 2014. They started that semi final against Germany with a front 4 of Fred, Hulk, Oscar and Bernard. Luis Gustavo and Fernandinho in midfield.

Jesus, Firmino, Coutinho, Casemiro barely featured in 2014. They would have loved to have the WC at home with this squad rather than 4 years ago.


Despite how poor that Brazil team was minus Neymar, Thiago Silva & Marcelo I’m still amazed by the manner of that semi final defeat.


25% Brazil
20% Spain
18% Germany
15% France
12% Argentina
5% Belgium
5% Croatia




90% Germany
5% Brazil
2% France
2% Spain
1% Denmark