2018 FIFA World Cup


I think most people below a certain age don’t have idealistic view of the US at all. People with even a little interest in politics or modern history are aware of the US illegal actions all over the world.

I’m not sure what major things US have done in South America in last 5 or 10 years other than perpetuating trade wars and continuing the war on drugs. Their involvement in major subversion and undue influnce pretty much ended after the cold war no?

My focus was on Russia in the very recent past and their involvement in subverting democracies that have been established for decades. Their effect on the Brexit vote and 2016 US election is still being determined.

I still maintain no country operates on the scale Russia do when it comes to subvertion and aggression. That doesnt even include thier backwards society and false democracy


Yep USA definitely interfered with South America in the 80’s and 90’s. Just ask Chile or even Argentina.

Russia is much more aggressive nowadays, even in Syria Russia are doing things that the US would be proud of.

Anyway, Russia has interfered with British sovereignty, we shouldn’t overlook that.


Russia are a bit more brazen about their interference in other countries, whereas the US, Britain and France tend to be more covert and try to hide their actions a bit more.


Haha it’s true. However Putin is a crazy autocrat, none of the other three countries has one of them :joy:

I personally wouldn’t put Russia and any of the other countries on the same scale


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Stay safe if you’re going there lads.



The digital World Cup sticker album is backkkkk!!

Already downloaded and completed 5% already hah


Where’s the fun in that?! I prefer the emotions of the real thing – the devastation after putting a sticker in the album and then realising it’s got a sight crease :grin:

Digital sticker albums are so unsatisfying.


Niiiice @Calum

You got some codes yet?


Nah not yet!

This has been a thing on OA since WC2014 years before you joined :wink:


Oh it’s an OA thing? And there was me thinking it’s been a thing worldwide for three tournaments now. I have friends who do it too. I’m too old school to get involved though.


Definitely said the same before I did one. But they are actually good. And free!! :smiley:


The sticker packs don’t even come with the shitty gum anymore, do they?


Never remember panini stickers coming with gum


It was pink and awful if I remember correctly. I’m definitely associating it with some stickers anyway.















@Calum Just downloaded it, are you going to create an OA team?


Just tried it and it’s not working ha. You can try if you like


Burg asked me if I made a group


What’s not working?