2018 FIFA World Cup


Think Brazil are favourites tbh.

Their big players are also coming off huge seasons in amazing form.

They are much better than last time. Plus no pressure of a home WC


My favourites are: Brazil > Spain > France > Argentina (Just for Leo)

Brazil have really impressed me when I’ve watched them recently, and all their big names have had good seasons. My only doubt is Germany, it seems silly to write them off tbh :thinking:


Iceland (despite being in the same group)


No Denmark?!

I always support Norway and Sweden when they’re at a World Cup/Euro! Even if Denmark is too.


Norway at a World Cup? great bantz mate.


Yeah I’ll throw them in the list… interested to see their young striker as well.


Thanks I’ll take it!

Countries I’m rooting for at the world cup in no specific order:

Denmark (obvs)


God damn it this is why I love football and why I love Denmark.

Sitting here welling up over a bit of fair play and sportsmanship, ridiculous. But god this is why I love football. Nothing unifies people like this stupid ball game.

For context, at the end of the Danish video the Danish Girls Choir is singing a beautiful song about Peru to the tune of our own national anthem in response to the emotional video Peru sent us.

And Peru and Denmark both play in red and white! I’m so happy and honoured to be the first team to play them in the world cup after 36 years!! I hope it’s a fantastic game.


To add to that, this story made me tear up:

Didier Drogba is an absolute hero.


I’m naturally rooting for Sweden and England, but would be happy to see Iceland and Denmark do well.

I believe France and Germany are my two favourites to win. Brazil have a outside chance but I’ve never liked Brazil for some reason, why I don’t know. Spain? Nah, I think all this Catalonia/Spain has hit their team spirit hard.

And speaking of Sweden. This may very well be the worst and most boring squad we’ve ever had. Forsberg is the only real star and I don’t really rate him that high. The team is solid as a defensive unit but lack creativity and we have no goal scorers. I remember Sweden vs Turkey in the 2000 euros. Voted as the most dull game ever in a international tournament. I fear we will see the same when facing South Korea :grimacing:


Why has Brazil an outside chance in your opinion? I think Deschamps doesn’t have the knowhow to get the full potential out of this squad and Germany is lacking in certain areas (not the mention the fact that repeating the world cup seems very difficult). Neymar finally got help and Tite is able to make a very strong team out of this squad. I find that they have the quality and the coaching to be the favourites.


Brazil for me are the favourites.

  1. Brazil
  2. Spain
  3. France
  4. Germany


You like a good brazillian eh Calum :henry2:


OA fantasy set up for the world cup yet?


Looks about right


My money is on ze Germans.


Why? Brazil, Spain and France all got better squads or squads that are a least more complete. The only thing Germany might have over France is the coach. Not to say they will not reach the semi-finals or the final. But still. I just don’t see a scenario in which they repeat.


Yeah, i have been very impressed by Brazil recently. They are favourites.



Brazil vs Germany final maybe and Germany to edge it by a Hasslehoff…

Spain and France next with Croatia dark horses…

England who knows but maybe were due a bit of luck. I think we will probably get to the knock out stages but how we get there will define us. If we stumble our way i do fear us against a big team draw but we win a few and all of a sudden i think we could get a bounce effect. Us going in against the big teams as underdogs but in form could give us that 90 effect.

Who knows but cant wait…:wenger: