2018 FIFA World Cup


I feel like Germany just lacks talent to repeat. The back positions, the partner of Kroos and striker. It’s just not that convincing.


You can never rule Germany out, even if they don’t look that stronger this year.


Germany always look like crap in the warm ups,then when the competition hits they are always on it tbf.


Meh. They’ve last too Italy and France for a reason. One didn’t even have elite talent and the other are badly managed. I feel like that it’s a bit of an overreaction.


Exactly. Still have a very good squad though.


Germany has everything going for them. Top athletes with elite level footballing skills. A well organised setup from the physio to the coaches. Expirence, knowledge and maturity. Basically more or less the same squad who won the 2014 WC, just added expirence and a new young top class talent in Werner, eho i suspect could win the golden boot. Germany is the clear favourite in my book.


I’d go with Germany I think, but leaving out Sane could haunt them. Plenty of talent and winning is in their veins. Likes of Brazil, Portugal, Argentina are reliant on 1 player. France very talented but maybe too inexperienced. Spain have a poor attack. Maybe there’ll be a surprise like Belgium? De Bruyne, Hazard, Lukaku at their prime


Spain have a poor attack ? :dizzy_face:


It doesn’t seem that great, looks like they won’t be playing with much width which could cost them.

They should be starting someone like Aspas because you have to wonder if Costa isn’t firing where are the goals coming from, they aren’t quite the same team that can dominate the ball and win 1-0 against almost anyone anymore.


We shall see, Spain are my tip to win the World Cup.


I wouldn’t say Brazil are reliant on one player.

Neymar on his day is their best player sure, but they’re a stronger and more mature team than the one of 4 years ago and have a lot of talent elsewhere in that squad. Jesus, Neymar and Coutinho were all on the scoresheet yesterday.

Even in goal, they have the choice of two great keepers in Alisson and Ederson. And they didn’t concede many goals in qualifying. I’m expecting them to go far.

I’m with @Aussiegooner though, i’ve predicted Spain. They’re more like their old self now. That forward position is the only area you can really fault them in right now. But Spain still manage to score every game. (6-1 v Argentina in March, anyone?). 36 goals scored in qualifying v 3 conceded. They’re well balanced IMO and if Costa and/or Aspas can just contribute something at least, they can spread the rest of the goals out.


France or Argentina to win the World Cup


There is too much focus on Neymar I think, I mean they produced their biggest embarassment in their history without Neymar last World Cup


They are a more settled different side from 4 years ago, yeah Neymar is the standout player but I agree with @Phoebica






This take is so 2014. Gabriel Jesus has like 10 goals in his 17 international games and Coutinho has grown a lot too. Tite also made them just a lot better as a team, whilst under Dunga they did lean a lot on individual brilliance.


It was actually Scolari at the 2014 WC but I agree under Tite they are comfortably better.


Who I will pull for:

  1. Sweden
  2. Iceland
  3. Colombia
  4. Costa Rica

Who I think will win it:

France, beating Germany 2-1 in final… Ollie G getting the winning goal, capping off a 4 goal tournament performance.