2018 FIFA World Cup




That’s a shame. Used to like Ricky Wilson.


Ffs what was that. Come on Tunisia.


:joy::joy::joy: what a bunch of cunts


He’s better looking than Kane… just :grinning:


if it’s look they’re after, then Butland would be the England shoe-in and Giroud would be front and centre


Icardi time?


They can handle it


No chance as long as Messi is here. He can’t stand him.


Pastore perhaps?


Am I wrong in assuming that Messi hates Icardi because of the Wanda/Lopez fiasco?


I think that definitely has something to do with it. I’m not actually sure how liked he is within the squad after that. Maradona has also spoken about it many times (when doesn’t he speak out), calling him a traitor and saying he shouldn’t be allowed to play for the national team.



By far my favourite World Cup.


Can’t wait.



Best Saturday in the history of Saturdays :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Gotta go out into town for lunch with the “in laws” :xhaka:

But I can definitely be home in time for Croatia vs Nigeria :iwobi:


That is a proper World Cup lineup!!!


Peru Denmark should be interesting as it’s the shortest team vs one of the tallest teams. Watch us concede all the set pieces hahaha


I’ll be in Spain this week.

When I fly back? Exactly when Spain v Portugal kicks off. Fucks sake!


Meh the hyped games between the big nations are often pretty boring with the exception of like Brazil Germany and Netherlands Spain at the last World Cup.


Spain Netherlands 1-5 :sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

Did you have to bring that up @Crusto

I was totally fine with the world cup. Now I feel terrible missing my nation there.


France and Argentina on the same day :giroud: