2018 FIFA World Cup


Can this start already? I’m bored as fuck


I mean if anyone from England was going to make it surely it had to be Kane lol


I’m guessing Adidas had some sort of deal with FFT judging by that front cover haha


So that Pogba wouldn’t feel like the biggest mug on there.


Or Sterling but Lingard?

Looks like @will24 has a point, deffo an Adidas ting.


Kane was the solo cover star on the previous issue, so it makes sense that it’s not him.

But why Welé wasn’t a shoe in for the position is beyond me!


Kane is quite boring tbh. Lingard has personality


By personality you mean he’s a bellend?


Beckham was a bellend but how many years did we have to suck that up. Thank fuck that sad saga has finished now.


Especially for us two it still seems so far away.


How? Players like him and Pogba literally get hated on for having a personality lol. Should every player be completely numb?


Evra has a personality and is quite funny. Eboue had a personality. These two are just a couple of self-conceited pricks.


Evra kicked a fan though, surely being arrogant is better than coming out with a violent outburst like that


Now that, is personality.


:joy: Ok, but if Evra was capable of that he could’ve easily hit a child in the same way, which would’ve been vile


England have a chance of doing well if they keep their cool. They are a talented young group. Nerves always seem to get the better of them though when it comes down to it.


Theres a mistake waiting to be pounced upon in that England defence when playing the ball out. Havent got the ability to do it regular. Defo going to happen.


We were exposed by diagonal balls against Italy and Uruguay. Subtle weaknesses for us maybe but to the big teams at the World Cup they were gaping holes in otherwise tight games. Can’t afford that at this level.

We don’t have a creative midfield set up this time around. It’s more industrious than anything else.

We really have to get the system spot on and be tactically disciplined to the core.

We’ve failed to stop playmakers having time and space to pick out passes in recent tournaments. Intensity has to be higher and maybe pressing and counters are our best bet.


Keep their cool with so many Tottenham players in the squad? :mustafi:


Anyone seen this abnomination of a World Cup “anthem” from Freddie Flintoff and Ricky Wilson?

Cancel the World Cup now