2018 FIFA World Cup


Agree with that top three, though I’d move 3 and 2 up a place and move 1 down to 3


Dunno about Croatia at #1 tbf. They have the same top at every tournament


Good effort from The Guardian


That’s awesome work by The Guardian

Love the design too.


Man that is amazing. Although I feel for the editors who probably had to spend a tonne of time researching all that!


The Guardian always put a lot of effort in their big football pieces, some awesome journalism.


How quick will they update it when some cunt drops out I wonder. :grin:




That is a great bit of work but I inadvertently came across a typo on the first random player profile I clicked on :giroud:




Fuck what opta say, Ollie is a gooner


How many players do we have in Russia?


9 now…

That’s how Arsenal announced the Lichtsteiner transfer, by asking how many players we had going to Russia. He was number 9 :grin:


We may have 0 legit players in that squad but we have at least 8 nearly-signed in there so that makes them gunners to me.


Cool, then.


Trapp instead of Leno? :no_mouth: Is it possible to be more benched then Trapp this season?


He is trapped


Sums up our decline and appeal to the French, we used to be an attractive club to top French players.


Awesome website on World Cup kits history, per nation. Best viewed on Desktop


Why is Lingard here?! :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: