2018 FIFA World Cup


Comical choice. He has been outstanding this season. Happy for Reus though.


Sane not being selected is a travesty.


Wow old man Mario Gomez made it ahead of Sane. inSane decision


Well, i’m assuming Gomez was chosen due to Germany’s lack of strikers

Sounds like Sané was up against Julian Brandt for his position


That’s a tough choice.

I’d still take Sane over Draxler though.


Paddy Power just posting this for the retweets and likes. It doesn’t even make sense as they don’t play in the same fucking position!!



It’s a disgrace. One of the best players in Europe is fully fit and not making it to the world cup because his coach seems to have his favourites.

I was looking forward to see Same start for Germany and some liquid football, he is genuinely one of my favourite players to watch.


So we’ll all just have to watch that malcoordinated fuck try to get his Bambi legs together for a couple easy poacher goals before bottling everything when it matters as Germany go out.

And poor Mesut who will have fed him all those delicious passes will get the blame :xhaka:


To make matters worse. He literally just got a new fresh hairstyle only for the World Cup. Poor guy.


Another one bites Ze dust

This world cup gonna be shit. Lord was my only hope to light up this shit fest of a World cup.


That’s a big letdown. Always fun watching Bendtner.

@Cristo does this mean Dolberg will spearhead the attack?


Nah Dolberg doesn’t get a look in. Jørgensen is 100% first choice which is annoying because he really doesn’t do anything for the national team.

Second choice striker will be Andreas Cornelius.

Part of me hopes that Haareide has realised that he should give Dolberg more of a chance, I think he has way more going on for him. Hard to argue with Jørgensen’s record for Feyenoord but it just doesn’t translate to the national team.

Bendtner being out is a real shame, he always scores for us in the big tournaments and games.


How dare anyone criticise the inclusion of Cha Cha the GOAT. :bellerin:


Whatever happened to Serge Gnabry? Didnt he leave us to get more game time and an international place?

Seems like it hasn’t worked out for him…


He’s injured

He’s been good, though. 10 goals in 22 games for Hoffenheim. Scored one of the goals of the season too.


@Persona doesn’t agree. Mario is everything for him :wink:


Great read on the Morocco squad (@SRCJJ)



Excellent read. Hopefully us qualifying for the WC and submitting (yet another) bid for the tournament forces the country to actually invest in pitches and training infrastructure and bring over more European coaches to guide and teach Moroccan coaches.

No doubt African players are absolutely miles behind European born Africans.


Having so many european born players should help them to qualify. It’s not impossible against Portugal and Iran.


I was of this opinion too, but at the end of the day they are world champions. Other golden generations don’t do a lot better. They add a European Championship, but that’s also it. What Spain did was really extraordinary. I don’t think there is another generation/team that won three tournaments.


I can see your point and it’s a fair one, but considering Germany’s generation to me winning at least one major championship is the bare minimum and that’s currently where Löw is at.

If France don’t win more than one over the next 10 plus years it will be somewhat of an underachievement as well IMO, they should already be one down.