2018 FIFA World Cup


Haha, the fucking Nigerians were treating Wembley like a home ground. They were the only ones you could hear cheering and they booed Alli all game :poldi:

I think it’s great that London has the potential to make this happen for like 20 nations.


Quick question just seen the world cup in 2002 started on the 31st May?! Any reason why?


I doubt there was any special reason for it. International football calendars get decided in four year cycles and that was just the appropriate window.


Just googled it after I asked and found this :slight_smile:

CONFIRMATION that the World Cup finals to be jointly hosted by South Korea and Japan will start on May 31, 2002, will have a significant effect on English football next season.

The reason that the start is almost two weeks earlier than usual is the rainy season in the Far East. THE DAILY TELEGRAPH

It was rumoured to be starting even earlier!



It’s some squad when you can afford to leave out Leroy Sane



No way should Draxler be in that squad ahead of Sane



Sane must be gutted


What’s up with coaches this year, how can you leave Sane out with the season he’s just had.


That’s actually amazing


This is a joke.

How in the hell does he not get in? He’s their most in form player going into the tounament, made history winning the league and won PFA young player of the year. Based on merit no outfield player deserves to be in the squad over Sane, especially Draxler and Reus.

Löw’s reign needs to be over, I don’t see them retaining it and Löw has weakened the squad by not selecting Sane. When it’s all said and done he would have underachieved considering their golden generation.

I wouldn’t play under Löw again if I was Sane.


That is truly a ridiculous decision.

But I have to say, it’s a bold call. Its takes a manager with serious balls to do that.


No, it takes a manager that sniffs their balls to do that.


Im shocked wtf is this. He is an amazing player. Is this a prank?


Ridiculous decision. Glad we avoided Löw, what a maniac.

Sane would shit on half those forwards.


Apparently, and I have no idea how true this is, Sane performances for Germany have been largely underwhelming. I don’t follow the German national team enough to know though.


Even so, he’s just had a breakout season, the best of his career and has developed so well under Pep. He needs to be in that squad. What a weapon he could be for a team lacking pace.


Should have left out Draxler or Reus


Yeah, I’ve also seen the same thing. Apparently he was awful v Austria as well. But he has only played 12 times for Germany – the first in 2015!

Even if he didn’t play a key role, the decision to omit him completely after the season he’s just had is mental IMO. Think of the impact a player like him could have from the bench!

It’s in-Sane…


Would even take Trapp out to have Sane in that team. Two GKs is enough. You can also take boring Rudy out, they have so many holding midfielders anyway. I think this is something personal betweeen Sane and Løw.


I think there is a rule in place that requires each team to have three GK’s tbf. Still though, Draxler, Brandt…Sane is better than those two at least.