2018 FIFA World Cup


Mate we haven’t qualified since 1998 just let me enjoy my banter


He’s Scottish so that’s not much of a retort lol


What even is the world cup with your country in it?!


1998 is widely considered to be the best WC of our generation.

Also the last with Scotland in it. Coincidence??? I THINK NOT.


I can’t wait to get the WC over and done with tbh
I want to see Emery’s Arsenal . Absolutely buzzing here .
England to get to the Semi -Finals for what it’s worth .





Outside of England, Northern Ireland and Wales. :hipster:


Scotland is the best. Wouldn’t expect an English to agree tbh :wink::kissing_heart:


I remember us pasting you 3-0 lol


In that same group Norway beat Brazil 1-2, wtf? :no_mouth:


Yeah, that’s how Brazil fucked Morroco over, they could’ve easily won that game, i’ve been hating them ever since.


Like @wilshambition said that result really fucked us up. We had a good squad that year and I felt like we deserved to come out of the group. We were better than Norway in our group game too. Brazil just folded for whatever reason.


Lol fair mate I was 3 so I remember nothing apart from the Owen thing against Argentina from that WC and that’s only because it was hammered into my psyche by the media.

Sounds like a lit WC looking back, 2006 is my favourite from the ones I remember though (2006, 2010, 2014)


Funnily enough it was a goal against Morroco in a friendly that got Owen his place on that squad.


I lost a fucking quid on that prick going to the World Cup in 98. Reason enough for me to hate him his entire career. Plus the 2001 FA Cup final obviously. Oh and his shit commentary. Arsehole.


Scotland was, is and will always be a wee national team :mustafi:


In relation to that Nigeria kit. Look at the state of some of these comments under the Daily Mail story…



Read some of the first pictures comments and realised there’s no point in continuing and ruining my vibe.

Utter pond life, scum the lot of them


That said why the queue though
It’s nice kit and all but how jobless are these people to spend time queuing for it


Well its is the Daily Mail…