2018 FIFA World Cup Last Man Standing


Ah well what can is say


Come on colombia!!!


Yeahhhh about that buddy :joy::joy:


My boys Iran put in a valiant effort. Brimming with pride even if we fell just short.


Ha. I won a game.

@Gunnerpr hang your head in shame.


Bring on the French


One of the big boys fall @InvincibleDB10


He’ll find some way to blame it all on Wenger :wenger:


Wengers loser mentality rub off on Ozil :joy:


My dancing boys out on yellow cards :roll_eyes:


1st Knockout Round fixtures:

@AW49 - :fr: Vs @Lister86 - :argentina:
@JakeyBoy - :uruguay: Vs @Aussiegooner - :portugal:
@BergkampsLoveChild - :es: Vs @Bl1nk - :ru:
@Phoebica - :croatia: Vs @Craigie - :denmark:
@SRCJJ - :brazil: Vs @wilshambition - :mexico:
@Darkseid - :belgium: Vs @GunnerGirl :jp:
@YJYUX - :sweden: Vs @Gedionanb :switzerland:
@Cristo :colombia: Vs @Robin_L :uk:


Modric and Rakitic and going to send @Craigie to bed



Spain are going DOWN,


Kjær and Christensen and Delaney are going to be all over them like a rash mate


Also Colombia are gonna fuck England right in their pussy hole

VIVA COLOMBIA!! :colombia: :colombia:


Bitch please :joy::joy:


No chance, you russian tulipan.


This will be shown to the immigration service when you apply for British citizenship. :bellerin:


VIVA Kålumpia !


stille du danske røv…:henry2: