2018/19 season predictions

On Aug 26, I said:

So far, Chelsea look better than I expected (of course 2 game sample size) - I still think they have a chance to fall a bit at some point in the season when the goals dry up, but I am not as confident about that as I was… still banking on Utd falling.

  1. City (not buying the Pool hype, City will sit atop at end of season)
  2. Pool
  3. Chelsea (they are big wildcard to me)
  4. Spurs (putting them lower even though I think they have better FT than Chelsea - can see a Kane injury derailing them)
  5. Arsenal
  6. ManU (finishing above ManU this year would be a nice step)

Not bad, although I think pre-season I had us 4th and Chelsea much lower… frankly 3-6 could have gone any which way this year.