2018/19 season predictions


Just a sneaky instinct and I think their strike force is a serious issue - but the rest of their squad I certainly underestimated.

I also thought (not totally out of the question mind you) that Hazard’s agitation to leave would cause more problems.


Crystal Palace(pretty unlucky against Liverpool and Watford), Everton and Watford coming strong this season. Seems their squads gelled well together. Got their heads right where they should be. They’re gonna pull some positive shockers for them this season.


It’s just down to Sarri. He converted a winger into a prolific CF at Napoli with Mertens. Still think they are gonna struggle in the end though.


Neither one of them played anyone really. Okay 3 wins for Watfords decent but everton beating Southampton 1 0 at home and throwing a 2 goal lead at Bournemouth away. Not buying tbh.


1 Liverpool
2 Man City
3 Chelsea
4 Tottenham
5 Arsenal
6 Man United

Relegated: Cardiff Huddersfield and Southampton?

CL: Barcelona
EL: Dortmund
Fa: top 4 finishing team
League: different top 4 finishing team


Is it completely out of this world to want to see Liverpool win the Premier League? Arsenal is obviously the preferred choice but I don’t think we have even 0.01% chance. I just don’t have time for the nouveau riche clubs.


So after 4 games, if you assume our absolute ceiling is 4th (which seems about right for me this year), then looking at the table of possible top 4/5/6 finishers, we are essentially as follows:

  1. Spurs
  2. Arsenal - 3 points back
  3. Utd - 3 points back

With the start we had, and all the other factors, this really isn’t a calamitous place to be… Utd look like they are ready to implode and Spurs look very good but obviously solvable… Watford isn’t going to stay up there, so I don’t count them. ATM City, Pool, and Chelsea are probably on their own tier this year, with Spurs a possible interloper to get in there.

Anyway, lots to worry about but so far I wouldn’t say being even or only 3 points back of our two likely rivals for the 4th trophy after losing the first 2 games is too bad.



La Liga:
Real Madrid

Serie A:

UCL: PSG/City/Barca/Juve
EL: Inter/Spurs/PSG

Pretty indecisive with PSG. Either they go all the way from the start in the UCL or they slip to EL and go on to win it. They have the 2 best talents in the world after all.


P.S.G. to get knocked out from the Champions League? No chance mate.


5th is our ceiling this season unless Emery finds a temporary defensive solution. Even if he does it could still be.

He can either start more defensive players, like having Ramsey on the right instead of Özil and start Torreira with another defensive mid.

Or he can change formation i.e. 5 at the back like England did at the World Cup. We actually do have the players for a 5-3-2 to work.

Either way we have to tighten up ASAP.


Tough group. I’ve seen worse. Plus, I don’t rate Tuchel that highly.


Maybe someone might be able to find this out, but is this the strongest start to a season for the top 5 at all, after 9 matches? Only 6 points or less dropped by the current top 5 right now after 9 matches is pretty decent.

What’s also interesting to see is we’re the second highest goalscorers, only 4 less than Man City, which is pretty respectable going I’d say. It’s gonna be a heck of a battle at the sharp end this season. Liverpool look much better in defence now. Chelsea looking decent with Sarri. Some how even Spurs are right there despite looking very ordinary.


“The Juggernaut is rolling…”

Chris Sutton on Arsenal.



You know things are going well when Chris Sutton is being complimentary to us.



We got tiger blood…


Almost half way through the season so I thought I’d do a revision on my predictions.

1st and 2nd still Liverpool and City. The two clubs will battle it out until the last day me thinks. I fully expect both of them to drop the Champions League at some point, City involuntarily. City are not a tournament team and will be outfoxed at some point. It will be very close but I am sticking with my Liverpool prediction to win it, I don’t imagine back to back titles for City.

I expect a lot of rotation from 3rd to 5th up until the end. Us I expect to struggle massively in the winter months, maybe up until after our game away vs City which is in early February. I feel we will drop lots of points until then. From that point on we have a rather favorable fixture list and I think we will get top 4, possibly 3rd.

Sp*rs -they will crumble. Obviously I was over the top saying they will fly out of the top 6 but I still feel they are punching way above their weight. My estimation is they will pick up around 30 points until the end.

Chelsea - another team I feel will struggle to replicate as many points as they have picked up so far. I think they are my favorites to drop out of the top 4 now, because of their lack of attacking power. Pedro and Hazard have been their propellers forward and that will end soon enough. There’s talk they will land Higuain in the winter but let’s see.

I like bold predictions so this time it is that Wolves will push United out of the top 6. United are dire and I expect the 2nd half of their season to be a carbon copy of the first, maybe even slightly worse.


Would say I think West Ham Wolves and Everton will be best of the rest. Would love it if one of them over took Utd to be 6th haha


Hopefully 5th and the Europa League.


Top 4 battle is getting rather tasty looking right now, 3rd to 4th covered by 4 points, though Spurs do have a game in hand. Man Utd seem to have all the momemtum out of the 4 right now, but can it last all the way until May? Can Spurs manage without Kane and Son over the next few weeks?

Chelsea and Arsenal are harder to figure out with both teams form somewhat all over the place. But after all, that’s the beauty of sport and predictions, it’s unpredictable and still many more twist and turns to come I’m sure.

As for relegation, unsurprisingly Huddersfield look down and out already but the other two spots are much more open.


Our Achilles heel will be that we only win 2-3 away games of the 8 that currently remain.