2018/19 League Cup


MK Spurs


Hazard really is a wasted talent at Chelsea, should be at Barcelona or Real Madrid winning Champions league titles.

By the way why is the Everton game next midweek ? When is the draw for the Round of 16 ?


Bournemouth at home and City and Chelsea to clash against each other.


Everton and Liverpool were both drawn at home and police wouldn’t allow them to both play yesterday. Everton and Liverpool’s opponents (Chelsea) both played on Sunday so neither were willing to play on Tuesday, so next week it is.

Saturday night, 9pm our time


Saturday night? :bellerin:


Saturday night, dance, I like the way you move
Pretty baby
It’s party time and not one minute we can lose :notes::microphone:


Image having a party with City in the draw :gabriel:


Yep, I could live with that.


I bet Luca remembers the first time he heard that song, he had a nice tasty roast chicken afterwards :wenger:


Maybe. I don’t remember :xhaka:



GET IN! Another easy draw!


Blackpool at home :neutral_face:

Boring a.f. draw but an easy win for our reserves so I’ll take it


So the scottish man wanted to draw City? :mustafi:


No just saying it’s boring and the season ticketers have to waste a credit on a shit game no?


Frank Lampard returning to Stamford Bridge. That will be an utter cringe fest with the Chelsea fans singing “super Frankie Lampard” all match.


We seem to always start the League Cup with a few draws at home to lower league opposition :mustafi:


Standard Arsenal home draw in a domestic cup competition.


Think we have played less than 5 away games in the cups recently.



Well, yes as we’re in Europa group stages but league cup isn’t on a Season Ticket.