2018/19 League Cup


Yeah true I agree on that, playing Alli 90 minutes vs Tranmere could have bought on the injury.


Just laugh at him and call him a cunt like a normal person.




Let’s just line up and suck Tottenham’s dick then


Funny. So readily you make scintillating excuses for the scum yet you have no qualms bashing our manager and players after each loss despite the fact we went through the congested winter period having to field potatos instead of defenders.


Yeah I agree cuz they’ve won like all those other competitions they’ve participated in when Kane and Alli are fit, so this one woulda been no different :joy::joy::joy:


You’re right they would have lost the final to Man City anyways, irrespective of if they got past Chelsea.


Not if Wenger was their manager tho, they’d have the same amount of league titles but a lot more cup wins.


If Wenger was their manager they’d have sold their star players a long time ago.


Expect a new DVD to come out soon. “The mighty Spurs and the battle of the Stamford Bridge. How we went so close to reach the League Cup final”.