2018/19 League Cup


I would rather city focussed on the league. Can’t have the Scousers winning it. Bloomin Scousers


Can’t you just enjoy Tottenham losing?


Right I wanna second referendum now on the workhorse of the year. Brilliant Cal fucking epic. This and last weeks homeless post at Palace are fucking legendary to me mate.


They will never win a trophy again. Simple as :wenger:


And winning fuck all again. While us in our doldrum years have beat city in an FA cup semi and Chelsea in a LC semi and FA cup final.

ON this semi final as well the manager deserves his share of the blame. First half goal in the first leg he closed up shop and has basically paid the price.


You’re wanting Luca to give up his award, to ‘the Scottish’? I’m sure he’d absolutely love to hear that :arteta:


Scotsman and second referendums are the future mate.


Okay we can have VAR just to see the Dier penalty again. Im a convert.


Please let the same apply for Liverpool too


Given a choice between Liverpool winning the league and Spuds winning anything, I don’t like either of them but I’ll take the scousers over the spuds anytime.


Spurs lost again?? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah


What a great idea taking the away goal rule out of the cup for the first time,:joy::joy::joy::joy:


I celebrate everytime Spurs lose like i suppose they do on the opposite side.


Fuck off. I am not gonna post videos anymore. Take that cocky jock with you :wink:




I’m not sure how much of the blame Poch deserves in regards to this one, I think injuries cost them progression, had Kane & Alli been fit I think they’d have made the final.


They were fit in the first leg and took the lead. Went back in their shell in the 2nd half and never built a proper lead for the 2nd leg.


Yeah I’m just saying I think if they were fit 2nd leg they’d have got the desired result, you couldn’t predict they’d have got injured in the 2 weeks in between.


Id say playing Alli for 90 minutes at Tranmere has helped bring injury to the player. Id say thats very poor management when you have a paper thin squad.
Bringing your star striker on at 6 0 is also questionable management. Can only roll the dice so many times and get away with it.


Why do you think about stuff like this? Haha just enjoy they lost aus :wink: