2018/19 League Cup


Watching on tv mate haha




Honest mate. Good 30 sec difference at least


Dier :joy::joy::joy::joy: Couldn’t have happened to a bigger prick WHEYYYYY


LOL! Another “we put pressure on” trophy for Spurs. Fuck off cunts!


LUIZZZZ. Fuck off Spurs!!

@DavidHillier I think it depends on where you are in the country and your aerial etc! I’ve noticed I’ve sometimes been behind a few people on here when watching on my tv haha


Lol Joe Cole thinks Chelsea were the better team in the first leg as well.


The away goals rule was only scrapped this season too. That result would have seen Spurs through last year :speak_no_evil:


Giroud gonna Giroud. So glad we have Laca and Auba now lol.

Dier :joy:


Yeah. After ET. It would have given Giroud the chance to miss more sitters


Absolute bonus that Dier embarrassed himself after that incident with Ramsey earlier in the season




122 posts in the League cup thread not involving Arsenal in 2 hours :eyes:.


It’s a Spurs thing mate :mkhi:


Yeah our rivals fucked another semi and Eric Dier dicked a penalty. Whats not to love?


It’s weird. We get days like this sometimes. I can recall Man City beating Liverpool and Chelsea 2-2 Man Utd this season getting a lot of activity on here.

It went cray-cray, as the kids say

(Someone shoot me)


According to him, you can’t celebrate them losing because we are shit :bellend:


Yeah our pissant rivals with half the resources and no home ground are finishing above us for a 3rd consecutive season :dizzy_face:.


Go carp about Collingwood cobber, this thread’s for trashing Tottenham :sunglasses:


Anyways onto the final, wouldn’t surprise me if City do to Chelsea what they did to us 12 months earlier.