2018/19 League Cup


And then bottling it in the final, you scottish :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I would rather they didn’t make the final Luca


Ok, but no chance for them to win it.


Let’s hope he lasts longer enough for Hudson and Hazard to leave.

Mourinho didn’t quite manage it with Martial unfortunately


Giroud, Man, stop being so Giroud like!


Lol that’s classic Giroud


Really random I know, but I hope based on the first half performance that Chelsea beat Liverpool at Anfield in April. Can’t stand the Scousers and their stupid home record.

(For the record, we’ll have secured CL football for next season by then :blush:)


Fucking hell Giroud


Giroud is just waiting for minute 94


Giroud again ffsssss




Actually thought you were gonna be right there!


Fucking hell Giroud, he really is useless




Giroud has regressed hugely in terms of goal scoring.

Fucking hell, he’s at scrub status.


Penalties here we come. If Chelsea had a competent striker they’d be through




If this was Arsenal right now against either of these I’d be terrified


Please don’t fuck this up you blue cunts


Fuck up Scum.