2018/19 League Cup


Fuck off Hazard! Bottled it!
Giroud still very clumsy when it comes to make a turn :smile:
What a ball from Eriksen! Llorente should have scored here.


This is a great watch. Just a shame it’s two horrible teams involved!


Lucas on for Llorente.
Hazard close again. It was more difficult these time though.


So I guess pens then? Or Spurs on away goals?




William on as well.


Ain’t gonna happen. Giroud will make it 3-1. Take his jersey off in celebration and reveal an Arsenal jersey


Would be my moment of the season if that happened


As if Spurs don’t have enough injuries, they’ve now taken to fouling their own players :smile:


I hope not, I think @Phoebica wouldn’t be able to handle the excitement!


Davinson Sanchez looks more like Ledley King than Ledley King does


She can’t handle the excitement, but can she handle a man like Giroud? :wink:


Why are you provoking her? :bellend:


Sarri is rigid, same formation everytime and still leaves Odoi on the bench.

He won’t last either.


Lamela is a sneaky cunt.


They should suspend him ha.


Of course. And as soon as the restraining order expires, i’ll be attempting to kidnap him again…



I think Girouds teasing all of us, not just @Phoebica ha! All these chances…


this is gonna go to fucking penalties and Spurs are gonna win :upside_down_face: