2018/19 League Cup


Tottenham’s luck is finally running out. Too many injuries have taken their tool.


They have fewer injuries than they did in the previous game: Alli out, but Dier and Sissoko back in.

Home teams in London derbies just dominating lately


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Is there a better love story than spurs and semi finals?


Tell any Arsenal fan who was around in 1980 that West Ham aren’t a rival :wink:


And i tried again. Hopefully you can keep your delete button at the bay now.


Your tone of posts every time you do this looks very harsh haha


How about you shut the fuck up. I was very clear. If I saw ads I would delete.



Like you want. Now i know how to put them.


I know we don’t get along well, but let’s try to respect each other at least :wink:


Booooooo! 2-1. Nice diving header though.



Better from Spurs this half, unfortunately.


2-1 means ET or Spurs are through?


Is there a link between strikers who aren’t very good or not rated highly and being good looking? I’m thinking Morata, Llorente, Giroud… :thinking:


Neither. No away goals rule and no ET. Would go to penalties.


Yeah, that you like them ahhaha!


No more extra time in any rounds of this competition I think, so straight to pelanties.


Thanks @Electrifying. You are one of the few who appreciates me on here :wink:


Love kante


Fuck sake Hazard that should’ve been 3-1