2018/19 League Cup


Another injury for Tottenumb!


Do Arsenal fans consider West Ham a rivalry? Are they not on the same level as Fulham, QPR and Charlton haha. Just another London club its a city derby but not a rivalry surely?


Almost 2-0 to Chelsea.




“We put pressure on the League Cup” :henry2:


I don’t. And the West Ham fans I know don’t mind us either. They hate Spurs though – everyone hates Spurs :smile:


Yeah West Ham and Tottenham seem the rivalry for West Ham as they are teams of a similar level.


Was that a Giroud special flick on assist from the big man? :eyes:


It’s more of a case I think location wise they’re only a few miles apart, so us aside, they’re the closest main London club to Spurs. So the rivalry’s always been there for them.

Anyways, good to see that without a few of their main players, it’s going to pot for them :cristo:


See you guys. Even if i shorten the url to avoid ads, someone keeps deleting it.


Is there VAR in this match? Just wondering who Spurs’ nominated diver is, with the usual suspects absent.


Stop being a drama queen haha

@Phoebica yeah VAR is in use


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Luca use this Preformatted text


1-0 Chelsea


2-0 Chelsea


Hope it is ok now. Fed up of being treated like a clown.


Looks good Luca :+1:


OH FINALLY! Wow! :xhaka: :xhaka: :xhaka:

Gonna drink a Guinness now to celebrate :bellend:


Pedro the ball hog Pass the ball to big G ffs


Chelsea absolutely dominating Spurs. Should’ve really killed the game off in added time and got the third.

Spurs have no options from the bench so j can’t see how they can change much around at half time