2018/19 League Cup


Funny :bellend:


Man City have a conundrum. Do they have a duty to keep scoring past Burton or to take it easy?

My impression would be, keep scoring. It’s a competitive game. However, a lot of managers (including Ferguson) would ask his players to chill


9-0 :grimacing:


Burton are actually time wasting to avoid a double figure defeat :laughing:

What a time to be alive


I actually wanted Citeh to score 10, ‘cos it’s kinda funny tbf

Last 10-0 was Liverpool beating Fulham in 1986/87

Cue the patronizing pundit chatter about how well Burton did and oh how they tried so very, very hard :cry:


Fuck I really wanted City to score a 10th, Can’t recall that happening in my 20odd years following English football.


Another 9-0 to City today? :wenger:


If Burton get an early goal, I can see them overturning the deficit


They’re 18/1 to win and its almost impossible to find odds on Burton to actually qualify. All I can find it 999/1 on bet fair exchange lol


You are so funny. Cocky girl :bellend:





How bizarre that they’re taking a chance on Aguero :thinking:

Alright so it’s likely to be a low intensity 90 minute kickabout with a few goals by City inbetween, but one unfortunate challenge by a Burton player on someone that valuable…


Why would you go to jail for betting?

@JakeyBoy PP offering 250/1 for 9-0 Burton :joy:


Betting can ruin your life. It has happened to some people.


10-0 Aguero :smile:

Almost an own goal for City!
City up at HT.
Only 1-0 City FT. Boooooo! :smile:


Huge game for spuds tonight. Dreading the thought of this lot getting through tonight. Desperate for Chelsea to turn this round.


I fancy Chelsea to turn it around tonight, mainly due to the outs that spurs currently have.


If Chelsea stop being pricks and don’t play Hazard as a striker they should win.


I bet the spurs trophy cabinet is shaking in its boots at the thought of its doors being opened and something other than a cobweb duster being put in it.